Distressful Disorders

Health and well being are usually taken for granted and people start valuing these very important things only when they seem to have been lost. There are many health conditions that can affect individuals of any age and of any sex and the likelihood that they cause some degree of distress and discomfort. And yet, some are more serious than others as well as some are more distressful than others. On biid.org you can particularly learn more about BIID, a condition that you probably have never heard of, or that is what we at least hope. After reading this website you will be able to see how much distress this condition causes and the kind of discomfort people have to go through. But unfortunately the BIID is not the only or the most distressful condition as there are many others that could negatively influence the quality of life of individuals.

Most of these conditions can be treated and cured partly thanks to the technological advance that we are witnessing nowadays. However, for a condition to be treated individuals need to seek help and in some cases this happens less frequently. There could be no better example than the case of erectile dysfunction. As statistics point out most men in their 50s are likely to develop this condition and yet only few will seek the help they need. One should not however underestimate the effects of ED on relationships and personal lives as well as the self confidence and self esteem of the patient. Thus, ED could be considered another highly distressful condition which has a great psychological impact on the sufferer as well.