Birthday parties need not have to be lavish always. You can throw a party even with a small budget. With these five cheap birthday party ideas, you’ll have the time of your life without spending an exorbitant sum. 

5 Best Cheap Birthday Party Ideas

Who says you need to spend a lot to make someone’s birthday special? The important thing is that you remembered to celebrate cheap birthday party and that you made an effort to make their day fun and full of love. So here’s some cheap birthday party ideas that will incredible.

Do you know how to find the best event venues? Keep reading to know the things to consider to choose the best event venues.

1. Find a Free Event Venues

For most parties, a big chunk of the budget goes to paying for the venue. So cross out this expense by finding a free venue that doesn’t cost a cent. Some of the best free venues include – beach, park, house, backyard, and rooftop.

However, if you’re planning to throw a rager, make sure to check local regulations so you can avoid trouble with your neighbours or, worse, the police (especially if you’re having the party at a public place).

2. Make it Intimate

Fewer guests mean you have to prepare less food. You won’t have to find a big venue to accommodate them. And you can still have a lot of fun with just a handful of people around if you only invite those who are closest to you.

After all, a fun party is not about the number of people. It is about the bond you share. You can very much feel bored and sad in a room packed with people you know, but with your best friends around, even a small get together can be super entertaining and memorable. 

3. DIY Decorations

DIY decorations are a sure way to cut costs when planning a birthday party. You can make your own streamers, banners, and other items to make the venue look more appropriate for a party. You can purchase your materials from The Works to create these easy DIY décor ideas:

  • Get letter balloons that spell out the celebrant’s name.
  • Cut strands of crepe paper, about eight-foot-long and three-inch-wide each, then tape each strand side by side on an empty wall for a quick photo booth space. Cut out speech bubbles from craft paper, then write sassy quotes to use as props when taking photos.
  • Print photos of the celebrant, punch a hole in the centre on top of each photo, tie a string around each hole, then tape the end of the string onto the ceiling to create a personalized banner.

4. Potluck or Fast Food

You can ask your friends to bring food to a potluck party, or you can throw a fast food party if you want to shoulder the cost of the food. After all, pizza is always a good idea. Nuggets and fries don’t sound bad either. Just make sure to order food that everyone at your party can eat. (Bring your own beer also counts as potluck, right?)

5. Plan the Event Yourself

Last but not the least, a sure way to cut party expenses is to plan the event yourself. You don’t need a professional party planner because you can do it on your own.

And by reading this article, you’re already doing it! Congratulations, you’re a party planner! But before you start making lists and buying food and materials, here’s a last piece of advice: Just have fun! 

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