Clear, smooth legs are attractive, but some individuals have imperfections on their legs that make them self-cautious. About 40 million people in America have varicose veins. While a few may decide to hide the discoloration and uneven texture that appears on the skin by wearing long clothes, others will look for varicose veins treatment solutions.

Varicose veins appear due to injury to the blood vessel. This injury may be because of inflammation, a lack of oxygen, or chemical or physical damage to the area. Sometimes they heal on their own, sometimes they don’t.

If you want to find out what you can do to get rid of them, keep reading.

1. Massage the Area

You can help promote poor circulation in the area by massaging it. Massaging helps get the blood moving the way it should within the veins. You want to avoid putting direct pressure in the veins as it could damage the surrounding tissue.

Instead, massage the area in circular motions using firm, even pressure around the entire site. When you are massaging the area, it helps to apply either essential oils or other herbal remedies like grape seed extract, horse chestnut, and apple cider vinegar.

Essential oils reduce inflammation and can treat other symptoms such as swelling or pain.

2. Implement Active Lifestyle Changes

Varicose veins, not spider veins, are a blood vessel issue most people get due to a lack of blood circulation. Living at home on your bed or couch and sitting all day in the office increases the likelihood you will get it.

This cuts off blood circulation, so if you have varicose veins that recently appeared you may be able to reverse it by being more active and moving. Whether you are at home or at work, you want to reduce the amount of time you spend sitting.

It may help make every break you have at work a physical one. When you do sit, you always want to avoid crossing your legs. This further impedes blood flow to your legs and feet, and this will only worsen the problem.

When you must sit, make it a point to keep your legs elevated. Positioning your legs up at the level of the heart is a quick and easy way to improve circulation. It enhances blood flow by gravity.

There is no “right” type of exercise you can do when it comes to getting active. Anything form of aerobic exercise is good. Find activities you enjoy such as walking, running, yoga, or swimming. Weightlifting, however, is one type of exercise you should refrain from because it can cause blood to flow backward.

3. Consider a Laser Treatment

If you want to see faster, quicker results in the look of your varicose veins, you should consider getting laser therapy as a varicose veins treatment. A popular type of therapy for varicose veins is endovenous laser therapy (EVLT).

Lasers offer a non-surgical and highly successful way to help you get rid of stubborn varicose veins when you had them for years. Lasers work by heating up their vein, which causes it to collapse and seal. There is no damage to the surrounding area.

Other lasers may correct varicose veins by getting rid of damaged blood vessels. You should work with a specialist to find out the best type of laser for you depending on the size of your varicose veins and how many you have.

4. Avoid Tight Clothes

You should avoid wearing tight clothes to treat varicose veins because it can also cut off blood flow and circulation. Most people are tempted to wear tight clothing during the winter to stay warm or may simply prefer it over loose-fitting clothes.

The shoes you wear can impede or improve the appearance as well. It is better to wear flat shoes whenever possible and refrain from wearing heels.

The best type of “clothing” material to wear to treat varicose veins are compression stockings/socks. They may be unattractive for people, but these stockings are rarely visible because you apply them under your clothing. If you are looking for more “current” compression stockings, you can find fashionable alternatives for a slightly higher price stage.

Some people may think compression stockings are a tight garment they should avoid, but it’s the opposite. When you wear them, you help reduce swelling and circulation issues. This puts less stress on the blood vessels.

5. Change Your Diet

Making changes in your diet can also correct varicose veins. You should reduce the overall intake of salty foods because they cause your body to retain excess water. You also want to focus on eating potassium-rich foods such as potatoes, leafy vegetables, almonds, lentils, and certain fish like tuna or salmon.

Fiber-rich foods are also important to help you stay regular and prevent constipation. Straining of any kind can make the size or inside of varicose veins worse.

Regain Confidence by Using a Varicose Veins Treatment Method

When we do not like something about ourselves, we are more likely to cover that imperfection. When we hide something we do not like, it can help us in a way because we can think the issue is not there.

Still, this doesn’t solve the real problem. There are others who learn to love and accept the imperfections they have.

This is not everyone. If you lack confidence or do not believe you can pull off an outfit, it would be better to find ways to get rid of the “spider webs” by using any one of these varicose veins treatment methods.

Natural solutions may be enough to work for you. In the event it does not, you can always opt for non-invasive methods to correct the cosmetic defect.

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