About three years ago, on a beautiful summer night, my date and I went up to the top of the Mont-Royal in Montreal, Canada. While we were climbing up, the sunset was just setting.

What seemed to be thousands of steps later, there was no sight of the sun when we entered into that huge platform that overlooked the gorgeous city. The only thing we saw were billions of stars.

Today, that date is my husband and the father of our two-month-old boy. And, fortunately, he is a wonderful dad, but one that works very hard as well.

Father’s Day was a week ago, and I wanted to give him a great collection of gifts that really reward and recognize his amazing skills and support as a father. 

Here are the gifts I gave to this awesome new dad:

1. Star Map (Twinkle In Time)

My first present was the easiest to come up with; it was as if a lightbulb sparked in my head!

In order to commemorate our first date, specifically our visit to the top of the Mont-Royal in the evening, I got him a Twinkle in Time star map that illustrated the exact stars seen on that particular night in Montreal.

Not only is this product extremely cool, but it also could be a sincere and special gift for anyone you love. While I gave this to my husband to memorialize our first romantic date, I advise others to do the same. It is a beautiful way to always remember your wedding, your first date, or any other special day of your life that you shared with someone you are truly close to.

The best part is that this step map comes in an 18’’x24’’ frame. It has already made a nice home on our coffee table.

In all honesty, I think he loved this one a lot and was pleased to find out about this gift as much as I was, but he is absolutely thrilled about the other presents that were part of the compilation.

2. Protein Coffee (Completion Nutrition)

A new dad that has a baby to look after is always struggling with sleep. My hubbies busy routine along with having a new-born totally tires him out. Therefore, I bought him exactly what he needs to get through a full day of being a great dad and staying fresh: Protein Coffee.

Complete Nutrition specifically does the job for this awesome new dad! This particular brand offers an inexpensive and healthy version of protein coffee shake that will uphold my husband’s nutritious lifestyle, as well as energize his tiresome days.

I have been drinking their coffee too and I personally like their Ultimate Nutrition coffee. They have a variety of flavors but caramel is my favorite. 

The highlight is that this coffee is mixed with not just any protein but Whey protein. The benefits of Whey negate the not so positive side-effects of coffee, making it an extremely healthy drink. 

Not only can it substitute a sugary dessert and provide a daily pick-me-up, but this protein coffee shake can also be combined with the multivitamins that my husband is already using.

I would definitely recommend getting any new dad hooked on to this protein coffee. 

3. T-Shirts (Screen Print This)

When thinking of more presents to give my baby’s awesome new dad, I was thinking of a gift that embraces the new journey of fatherhood he has assumed. That’s when I found these special tees.

The Screen Print This tees are soft, fashionable, and made out of 100% organic cotton. 

Not only does the company help environmental causes, but it also aids in personalized preferences for less than $20. 

These t-shirts can have words and designs printed at your own disposal, so I chose “#1 Dad” for the father of my son. The corny design was a nice touch for Father’s Day.

But all in all, these t-shirts could definitely be a great gift for any occasion. 

4. Massage Roller (Gaiam Restore Total Body Massage Roller)

With the newborn, my husband has been having some sore muscles from the lack of sleep and relaxation. For being a pretty athletic guy, he never owned anything that could help with unexpected soreness.

That’s why I thought I should get him a massage roller, which could aid him with his daily workouts and helping around the house with the baby. It has nice grips, circulation, and great kinks for the therapy.

He has been using it way more than I ever expected. It is really worth its meager $14 price.

5. Diaper Backpack (Eddie Bauer Legend Flap Top Diaper Bag)

When taking walks in the park or just traveling in general, diaper bags are pretty essential. Sometimes they are way too big, and in order to enjoy the walk as much as the baby, they should be more compact.

Instead of a bag, I got my husband a diaper backpack by Eddie Bauer, which is way more comfortable to carry. This specific type is very fashionable and handy with its outer zippers, pockets, plenty of interior storage, diaper changing pad, and wipes storage dispenser.

With all of these qualities, any dad would use this diaper backpack any hour of the day when possible. Besides, every person can mistake this diaper backpack for a regular one.

6. Reusable Water Bottle (Kool8)

Even before we had the baby, my husband was always on-the-go. Between work, daily exercise, and meetings, he was never able to stay in one single place. And now he has another portion of the equation to look after – our son.

He would always complain about how he does not have a universal bottle that he could carry anywhere. Well, I found one – Kool8.

The Kool8 water bottle is a durable, stylish, and sleek reusable product that is incomparable. With a variety of colors and styles offered, this gift is pretty inexpensive at $25 and the company supports environmental causes.

Moreover, the Kool8 water bottle was included – and even honored with the first place – 

in the ratings of the best reusable water bottles of 2019 available in the market. The water bottle was credited for its sleek design, stainless steel material, and durability.

My husband is quite satisfied with this gift. The Kool8 water bottle is glued to his hand on the way to work and right after a run in the evening.

Many people have praised this product for all of the qualities I have mentioned in addition to its amazing temperature control for both hot and cold drinks.

While my husband loved this great Father’s Day care package (and uses every single piece that I got him almost daily), any new dad would appreciate this. I hope these gift ideas for new dad’s help you pick out some really useful gifts for any new dad that is a part of your life.


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