According to an article published on, many people, including women, do not care about their body fitness. We often follow these fitness tips for women , then good health is granted. Women’s figure changes with age even if that sounds crude.

Once the age clock starts ticking, physical attributes, bone mass, muscle strength, metabolism, strength, and stamina deplete unless women make a serious effort to address these problems. Embracing a healthy and fit lifestyle is synonymous to feeling stronger without losing ground. 

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Seven Amazing Fitness Tips for Women

Your lifestyle would be less challenging, less prone to ailments, injuries, and poor stance if you keep your body in shape. Exercising daily is one of the best ways to keep you slim and fit. Avoid putting it off until tomorrow when you can start now.

In your 20s, you can live life as you like, eat out, and do whatever you desire. However, in your 30s, it is important that you start caring about your body, eat healthily, and work out daily. It is no time to mess with your body fitness and health during this phase of your life. Here are seven fitness tips for women in their 30s. 

1. Do Exercises You Love 

The best thing women in their 30s can do is choosing exercises they love. A workout that they would enjoy and stick to the same for quite a while! You often hear people say cardio, lifting weights, and the need for the latest workout trend. Then, these things do not matter if you cannot stick to these exercises for a long time. 

Pick any exercise that makes you comfortable. It could be anything like walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, cardio, breast-firming exercise, and even wearing the right innerwear to keep them in shape. 

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2. Switch to a Healthy Diet

According to researchers, the ideal age women can start a healthy diet is 32. That is because in your 20s, you are carefree and when you hit 30s, you start taking your look and body for granted, stepping into your 30s. 

Fresh, green vegetables are rich with vitamins, dietary fibers, minerals, and zero fat, which is essential for shedding body fat and staying toned. Eat a bowl of mixed green vegetables with nutritious dietary fibers to reduce your craving. This way, you will feel less hungry. 

Take Vegetables for Eliminating Excess Fat Naturally

Fresh, green veggies have sufficient water content to make urination easy, thus getting rid of the damaging toxins, fat, chemicals, and salts from the body. Therefore, medical professionals, as well as nutritionists, suggest leafy vegetables for eliminating excess fat naturally. You can also include soups and salads in your diet, a couple of vegetable leaves to your smoothies will increase the necessary nutrients in your daily diet. 

When you eat more leafy green vegetables and work out every day, you will stay in shape and beautiful even in your 30s. Therefore, add more leafy vegetables in your daily meals for staying fit and healthy. Besides, you can look up websites like for topnotch innerwear and athletic outfit for exercising. 

3. Go for Monthly Breast Exams 

When you are in your 30s, go for monthly breast exam checkups. Consult your doctor if you experience any pain, lump, swelling, rashes, sagging, and related breast-health issues. Do not hesitate to talk to your physician.

There is no need to feel embarrassed. Address these problems immediately. Besides, you must wear the right-fit bra to keep your breasts from sagging. 

4. Ditch Meat on Mondays 

Based on the findings of Harvard University, eliminating meat one day in a week reduces the risks associated with cardiovascular ailments up to 19 percent. You can eat a vegetarian diet sans chicken or pork once a week. Say hello to meatless Mondays! These little things matter and help in keeping you fit and healthy in your 30s. 

5. Watch Your Calories

You knew that a 2,000-calorie meal is essential as you grew up. Then, with aging, women should cut back on their calorie consumption, according to health and fitness experts in the industry. 

Depending on a woman’s body mass index (BMI), she requires 1,600-1,800 calories daily, if she does not have a very active lifestyle. However, when you are up 30, deduct at least seven calories from your daily diet.

Run or Jog Daily

Then, if you run or jog daily, i.e., have an active lifestyle, you will need more calories in your daily meals. Maintain the right balance between the energy you consume with that you burn. Consult your dietician for calorie intake and recommendations. 

Stay away from fast food such as pizzas and burgers in your 30s. Avoid red meat and cheese at all cost. Drink a full glass of water after you wake up in the morning to keep your brain and body hydrated for a new day ahead. Besides, drink lots of water throughout the day. 

6. Keep Your Posture Right 

Women in their 30s lose more bone than produced in their body. If your bone health fails, you will develop conditions like arthritis, back pain, and joint pain as you age. Therefore, take a daily dosage of calcium as recommended by your doctor. Make sure you always sit straight if you are a working woman. Keep your posture right to stay away from pain in your 30s. 

Focus on your bone density too. As mentioned earlier in this article, include a lot of leafy green veggies in your diet and work out daily, especially resistance training to keep your body fit and strong for the next decades. 

7. Keep Your Hormones Under Control 

Sleep for at least eight hours at night regularly. Keep your bedroom silent when sleeping. Switch off all lights and devices when going to bed and wake up first thing in the morning with natural light. A good night’s sleep keeps your hormones in check and other chemicals in your body give you more energy than ever. 


Women’s body including their waist, breasts, and other physical attributes should stay in shape to make them look attractive even in their 30s. There is nothing wrong with looking sexy and appealing.

Try these fitness tips for women hacks to stay in shape and healthy in your 30s. Who says that you cannot look attractive in your middle age?

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