For modern organizations, it is not difficult to hire people from the open market. There are many options available other than the advertisement on portals through which the required manpower can be hired. With one announcement in the market, the HR can get thousands of applications that can help him get the best profile suitable for the concerned position.

However, every candidate who applies for a position may not be the right fit. To determine the level of personality that matches the requirement of the position the HR needs to use a personality testing tool. It offers quantified results on the basis of which the HR can easily decide who is the best candidate for the concerned position. The tests can help one not only in getting the right candidate but also in scrutinizing the profile in a way that has the logical positioning of a person in the required position. Hence no wrong candidate is chosen and the organization can have some added value in the form of right and deserving candidate.

Why it is required to conduct personality tests in an organization?

We are living in a world, where employment becomes one of the challenges, as most of the people are unemployed. Therefore, the competition level is also increasing rapidly. Whereas, an employer doesn’t care about the quantity because his main focus is on quality. An employer has to assure his employees whether they will provide a productive outcome or not. Hence personality tests should be mandatory in while recruiting new staff.

A personality test should be conducted during the recruitment because only then you will be able to find the best employee for your company who can give his/her contribution to the growth of the company. From the employer’s point of view, an employee should be enough eligible who can take decisions for the betterment of a company’s future.

Basically it is a type of aptitude test where the IQ level of an employee gets tested, whether he would be able to work under flexible circumstances or not. Many times the ambiance of an organization can be challenging which may have a lot of stoppages, but where an employee’s responsibility is to remove all those barriers and bring quality output.

The personality test is considered an important aspect to hiring a new employee as it scrutinizesthe details of an employee. An employee should hold this test multiple times such as at the time of recruitment and then conduct it twice in a year so that you must stay aware of your employee. This test also acts as a personality development course because the more often you will conduct it more of your employees keep them update as no one takes the chance to lose their precious jobs. No one wants to convert their status from being employed to be unemployed.

Through this test, an employer will come to know about the body language and behavior of an employee. It assists you to know what the strong areas of an employee are and what the weak areas are. Nothing is better than a personality test because through it you will come to know about the proficiency of your employees therefore, you will choose a suitable employee for your company

About the Personality test

The personality test consists of 80 questions and has a maximum time limit of 20 minutes, a language which uses in this test is English as it ensures that a candidate has excellence in verbal and written communication skills. This test is not only limited to the English language if an employer wishes for another language then such thing would be possible. He needs to ask the experts to prepare to test a specific language other than English.

This test is based on the Five-Factor Model (FFM) which means a candidate must possess five certify traits. Such tests should be prepared by experts who have achieved beyond five traits even they have scored the figures upto 26 and more.

Significance of Five Traits Model

The significance of five traits model can bring a huge change in an organization, in terms of growth and profit. It checks the level of a candidate such as flexibility in the ambiance, chill person in the matters of temper, quick learner, and many more. Here we take a quick glance at its factor:

Behavior: Whether a candidate is enthusiastic, who loves his job or not when it comes to new challenges in job.

Flexibility: A candidate should adopt a new atmosphere quickly rather than staying in the old ones.

Chicken-hearted: It’s better to be confident and face all tackles rather than taking a step back like a coward at new targets

Supportiveness: An employee should be supportive of his/her colleagues in times of ups and downs. It does not show a good image of those who do backbiting.

Awareness: Awareness considered an important aspect if one’s wish to work at an organization. Then only a candidate would be able to showcase his/her skills.

Who are the experts which create this test and how?

The personality test was designed by the team of professionals who are known as society industrialists and organizational psychologists who are associated with APA & EEOC. Through the survey of 2000 people from different caste, background, religion, gender, age groups, work groups, the question paper gets designed which is set under the guidelines of ATP.

Answers to some common questions

Can a candidate fake the scores or test?

This test is set by the experts through scientific methods therefore, probability of fake scores is totally null as the answer to the questions has to be written according to a candidate’s perspective.

Can an organization applies for a customize personality test?

Yes, it can be customize according to the requirement of a recruiter. With the help of a customized paper, an employer may easily scrutinize more details of a candidate.

What are the areas to conduct this personality test?

All the industries can conduct a personality development test in their organizations; it is not limited to a single industry because it brings out all those hindrance aspects of a candidate.

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