In 2020, experts estimate that 1.8 million people will have a cancer diagnosis. That’s in America alone.

These people will then subject themselves to expensive treatments not everyone can afford. Often, these treatments come with side effects worse than the procedure. The side effects can be worse than the symptoms of cancer itself, too.

Even so, treatments for cancer aren’t always effective. This makes patients seek alternatives to chemotherapy. When traditional methods have failed, they turn to alternative medicine.

Many have become successful. Keep on reading below. We’ll tell you how alternative cancer treatments are effective in conjunction with your treatment plans, starting with regular exercise:

1. Exercise

It’s not a secret that regular exercise can improve overall health. It strengthens the bones, improves cardiovascular function, improves strength and flexibility, increases energy level, lowers depressive tendencies, and many more.

That’s why it’s an important part of your cancer treatments. It’s a natural remedy against cancer fatigue, which is the primary side effect of treatments.

It also keeps you fit, lowering the chances of cancer recurrence. Gaining weight during or after treatment has shown to increase the risks of a relapse.

You might think that it’s better to rest during treatments, but that may lead to functional decline. Exercising can help lower the risk of complications. It may even lower the number of medications you’ll need.

In 61 clinical trials involving women with varying stages of breast cancer, the researchers found that those who kept to an exercise program had a better overall quality of life. It led to improved physical and psychosocial function, energy levels, and more.

2. Yoga

Yoga has similar benefits in that it lowers the risks of recurrence and combats fatigue, too. It helps you sleep better and it improves your physical function.

Yoga has benefits to mental health, as well. After all, it’s a combination of meditation and physical activity.

It reduces stress, which can have significant effects on the body’s healing process. Remember that a healthy mind is a healthy body.

When you want to do yoga to supplement your treatment plan, look for a good instructor. It’s preferable if they have already had cancer patients before. Furthermore, don’t force positions if it gives you pain.

3. Massage

Massage releases tension in the muscles. This helps improve flexibility and increase your range of motion.

The kneading, stroking, and pressing motions work the muscles. While doing so, these also work on the relaxation of the mind.

Because of these effects, massage is one of the natural cancer cures. It can help you cope with pain, stress, and anxiety that come with battling cancer.

You have to consider a lot of things before getting a massage, though. Massage is safe for cancer patients, in general, if you follow some precautions.

For instance, you can’t get a massage if you have a low blood count. You’ll also have to inform your therapist of any surgical scars, tumors, and radiation treatment areas they’ll need to avoid.

It’s best to get a light massage instead, especially if you have cancer of the bone. Cancer treatments may make you more prone to bruising or they may your body sensitive to touch.

4. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a Chinese traditional method that many patients now seek as one of the alternative cancer treatments. It involves sticking tiny needles into your skin at certain points.

What does this achieve?

It’s meant to cure different diseases, but for cancer patients, in particular, it helps relieve pain and lessen the other symptoms of cancer and its treatments. It can help with nausea, fatigue, and anxiety among others.

It can also aid in the fast recovery of a patient after different therapies. It reduces swelling and minimizes medication use.

Although it presents many benefits, you still shouldn’t do it without a go signal from your doctor. It’s not safe if you’re taking blood thinners, and other factors might make it unsafe for you.

5. Meditation

Meditation puts a person in a deep state of tranquility. It provides a much-needed break from the everyday battle against cancer. Not only that, but it also provides holistic benefits for cancer patients.

As a result, many cancer centers now recommend this alternative treatment. It has few – if any – risks involved, and one can start anytime to experience its effects.

A few of its benefits include decreased heart rate, mood improvement, better sleep, and lower blood pressure. It decreases stress, which leads to a healthier immune system. In turn, it helps the body heal more naturally.

At the least, it helps you deal with cancer with calmness and less anxiety.

6. Herbs and Supplements

Herbs and supplements are also useful in battling cancer. They help make your body healthier so it can fight cancer and its symptoms more effectively.

Ginseng, for instance, can reduce cancer-related fatigue. Ginger can help with nausea and vomiting.

Many patients also swear by cannabidiol, an extract of marijuana. Numerous studies prove its ability to curb inflammation and cause the death of certain cancer cells. At the least, it will help make the symptoms more manageable.

However, note that it’s not a cure-all; it may work better on certain types of cancer and detrimental to other types. It’s not legal in all states yet, as well, so consider that.

The general rule, though, is to always ask first before taking any kind of herb or supplement.

If you’re looking to cure thyroid cancer naturally, for example, you must ask if the herb or vitamins you plan on taking are safe for you. Some can have effects unknown to you. It may also interfere with the effects of your current treatment plan, so a professional should weigh in, first.

Get the Best Alternative Cancer Treatments

Not everything natural is good for you. You also have to be cautious when taking any alternative cancer treatments. Everything affects your body; you don’t want that effect to be negative.

Despite this, don’t stop having hope. We’re here to help you stay healthy and keep your chin up through difficult times. Therefore, if you need more tips like these, don’t think twice about reading more of our guides today!

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