Moving for the sole purpose of getting sober isn’t usually effective. As the saying goes, you take your addiction with you wherever you go.

If you’re moving in order to go to treatment, that’s a different story. Many people choose to go to Southern California to start their journey of sobriety. Why? Because Southern California offers a strong recovery community that supports long-term sobriety.

Here are a few reasons why Southern California is one of the best places to get and stay sober.

Accessible and Affordable Treatment

California’s laws about addiction treatment make it very easy to access and to pay to go to a treatment center. In most cases, attending a treatment program either doesn’t cost much out of pocket or is free. How much you end up paying depends on your insurance, but California is one of the most affordable places to go to get treatment.

Southern California also has dozens of treatment centers to choose from. So, you can research the best drug rehab centers for your particular addiction and find the one that looks the best for you.

Several Options for Sober Living

When people get out of an addiction treatment facility, they often struggle to find housing that supports their sober lifestyle. This can lead to relapse very quickly after leaving treatment.

One option that helps people stay sober after leaving treatment is sober living houses. Sober living houses are housing facilities that require the people living in the house to stay sober. Often, the residents are drug tested to ensure their sobriety.

Sober living houses provide a safe, drug-free environment for newly sober addicts to live in while they get their feet back under them. In Southern California, there are several options for sober living facilities that are accessible and affordable to folks who’ve completed a treatment program.

Strong Recovery Community

Many people find that plugging into a recovery community helps them stay sober once they’ve left a treatment center. For many people, this means involving themselves in a longterm program of recovery, like Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, or SMART Recovery.

Southern California has literally hundreds of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings each week. There are also tons of Narcotics Anonymous and SMART Recovery meetings. Addicts just out of treatment can attend these free meetings to meet other recovering addicts and get support with staying sober.

Plenty of Sober Activities

One of the hardest things to do when first getting sober is to find fun activities that don’t involve drugs or alcohol. For many addicts, all their activities involved drinking and drugs before getting sober.

Because Southern California has such a large recovery community, there are tons of things to do in the area that don’t involve drinking or drugging. There are several meetups that are organized by sober folks where sober people get together and do random activities sober.

There are sober music festivals, sober concerts, sober clubs, sober dance events, pretty much anything you can think of. Even the bars in Southern California have mocktail menus as big as the cocktail menus.

Getting Sober in Southern California

The environment of Southern California makes getting sober easier than it is in other places around the country. If you’re ready to start your journey to sobriety, consider getting treatment in SoCal.

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