Hair is the fastest growing tissue in the human body. With that said, many experience difficulties with growing and maintaining hair health. Every hair fall women’s question is what vitamins make hair grow? Here the list of vitamins to make hair grow fast.

Beginning at age 35, 40 percent of men are likely to experience some form of hair loss. Women are also likely to experience hair loss in the 80 percent range by age 60.

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What Vitamins Make Hair Grow?

While these numbers are staggering, all is not lost for those who are passionate about the vitamins to make hair grow fast. Long, luscious locks can still be enjoyed by those of all ages with the help of the right vitamins. Even if you’re under the average age that experiences hair loss, it’s never too early to start strengthening your hair.

With so many vitamins and reviews available online, it can be overwhelming to choose one. Researching before you begin taking daily vitamins for hair growth is crucial.

We’ve narrowed down 13 vitamins to make hair grow fast so you can enjoy the healthy, beautiful hair you deserve. Check these out what vitamins make hair grow and turmeric benefits.

1. Vitamin A

Found in many supplements and foods like sweet potatoes, pumpkins, and spinach, vitamin A is key for hair growth.

One of the most important roles of vitamin A is keeping hair follicles and the scalp moisturized. Vitamin A creates a waxy, oil-like substance in skin glands called sebum. Made up of triglycerides, squalene, wax, and fat-producing metabolites, sebum is necessary to keep follicles and skin on the scalp moisturized.

Without proper moisture, your hair will not grow as thick and healthy as possible. While vitamin A can be found in many everyday foods, taking a daily supplement can guarantee that your body is getting enough.

2. B Vitamins

One of the most popular products on the market to strengthen and grow hair is B vitamins otherwise known as biotin. Biotin metabolizes fatty acids, amino acids and glucose, and significantly aids in hair health vitamins to make hair grow fast.

Biotin deficient individuals benefit greatly from taking B vitamin supplements, and luckily for hair health enthusiasts, it is present in many popular foods like eggs, almonds, cauliflower, mushrooms, sweet potato and spinach.

B vitamins can also help scalp and follicle functions. By creating red blood cells, more oxygen is carried to the scalp and follicles, allowing for thicker, healthier and longer hair.

3. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a key player in hair health. As one of the best natural vitamins for hair health and sustenance, vitamin C works to reduce hair damage and support growth.

Vitamin C helps to protect against damage caused by free radicals in the body. Simply put, free radicals are unstable molecules in the body that can damage cells, and form when the body’s atoms or molecules gain or lose electrons.

It Gives strong Foundation of Protein to the hair

While you may not even know you have free radical damage, hair loss or breakage can be a main side effect.

By aiding in the production of collagen, vitamin C adds a strong foundation of protein to the hair. Found in many supplements and foods like citrus fruits and peppers, vitamin C is one of the best natural vitamins to make hair grow fast.

4. Vitamin D

Low levels of vitamin D are often linked to those with alopecia, or hair loss. It is estimated that nearly 1 billion people have low levels of vitamin D. For those struggling with hair loss or hair thinning, lack of vitamin D may be the cause.

Vitamin D functions as a hormone, and your body contains thousands of receptors for it. Vitamin D can help create hair follicles that can allow more hair to grow by aiding in the function of vitamin D receptors.

Best Vitamins for Hair

As one of the best vitamins to make hair grow faster, Vitamin D does come in some foods like mushrooms or fatty fish like salmon and sardines. However, vitamin D is best to take in a supplement form, as it is not found extensively in many foods.

5. SugarBearHair Vitamins

SugarBearHair vitamins are wildly popular with beauty influencers and celebrities and are often endorsed for their powerful results. At an average to below-average price compared to other similar products on the market, these vitamins are both highly effective and realistic for those looking to get healthier hair.

With vitamin D, coconut oil, folic acid and biotin, these gummies pack the punch with many hair strengthening ingredients. Vegetarian and cruelty-free, SugarBearHair gummies contain no hormones and are deliciously sweetened with natural berries. With results best seen after six months, SugarBearHair recommends taking two vitamins daily for maximized strengthening and growth.

To learn more about the SugarBearHair vitamins to make hair grow fast, see these gummy bear hair vitamins reviews.

6. OUAI Thinning Hair Supplement

The OUAI Thinning Hair Supplements reduce breakage and increase shine and are one of the best vitamins for thinning hair. Its key ingredient, Omega 3, also makes hair more lustrous and silkier.

This vitamin uses a combination of biotin, silica, amino acids and ashwagandha. Ashwagandha is an ancient medicinal herb that helps the body manage stress and reduce inflammation. This ingredient, in partnership with the other powerful antioxidants, helps the hair soak in nourishment.

With B vitamins as well as vitamins C, D and E, the OUAI Thinning Hair Supplement is rich in effective, natural nutrients and takes at least 90 days to see results.

7. Grown Alchemist Hair Complex

Australian brand Grown Alchemist’s powerful Hair Complex boosts tissue repair and hair’s natural luster.

When taking the Hair Complex supplements, the powerful ingredients are hard at work to repair damage caused by the breaking down of tissue.

With biotin, silica, vitamin C, vitamin B-2 and riboflavin, this unique blend of ingredients is all-natural. Riboflavin is the key, powerful ingredient in Hair Complex. Riboflavin is involved in many cell processes in the body and helps maintain energy levels.

The vitamins are also cruelty-free, gluten-free, and vegan.

8. Nature’s Bounty Hair Skin and Nails

With no artificial sweeteners or flavors, Nature’s Bounty Hair Skin and Nails gummies are perfect for those looking to improve hair health on a budget.

The main ingredients in these tasty gummies are biotin, vitamin C and E. These ingredients help to improve the health of not only hair but skin and nails, too. Some users report seeing results in one to two months, but remember that everyone’s reaction is different.

9. Nutrafol

If you’re looking for thicker, fuller hair, this higher-end haircare vitamin delivers impressive results. When compared to the many other vitamins, powders, oils, and gummies, Nutrafol is one of the top hair growth pills.

Nutrafol works by fighting off free radicals and scalp inflammation, which can have many negative effects on hair follicle functions and overall health. By taking this pill for at least three to six months, free radical and scalp inflammation damage is significantly reduced.

With collagen, vitamin E, keratin supplement, and hyaluronic acid in Nutrafol, your hair will better absorb healthy nutrients. For longer and more voluminous hair, Nutrafol is a top choice in thicker hair pills.

10. Viviscal Hair Growth Program

Another celebrity-endorsed product, the Viviscal Hair Growth Program is a clinically-proven formula that promotes hair growth from within.

The Viviscal Hair Growth Program is scientifically formulated with marine complex AminoMar. As the proprietary active ingredient in these vitamins, AminoMar is a compound of marine extracts and polysaccharides that consistently nourish hair follicles. These vitamins work to strengthen fine and wispy hairs, reduce breakage and thinning and improve overall hair health.

The deep-sea proteins, horsetail extract and vitamin C in the Viviscal Hair Growth Program help hair noticeably see results in three to six months.

11. The Mane Choice’s Manetabolism

The Mane Choice’s Manetabolism Plus Healthy Hair Vitamin Dietary supplement promotes hair growth while also boosting energy. These vitamins are non-GMO and loaded with antioxidants known to help hair health.

These vitamins are considered a complete nutritional vitamin for adults and claim to also help with skin and nail health. The main ingredients in The Mane Choice Manetabolism Plus Healthy Hair Vitamin Dietary supplement are vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid, biotin, and zinc. These vitamins will help hair grow both longer and thicker.

12. Philip Kingsley Tricho Complex

This vitamin is trichologist-recommended and has been created with over 60 years of trichologist-experience. Its ingredients are inspired by prescriptions tested at the Philip Kingsley Trichological Clinics.

Trichology focuses on structure, function, and diseases of the hair and scalp. Trichologists can help with hair and scalp issues like hair loss, breakage, oily scalp, and more.

With amino acids, methionine, iron, vitamins B12 and C, zinc, and selenium, these vitamins help balance out any deficiencies that may cause hair loss, thinning or damage. Scalp issues are also treated to improve follicle functions. Four months are necessary to see results with the Philip Kingsley Tricho Complex.

13. Nioxin Recharging Complex

Perfect for patients with thinning hair due to a lacking diet, Nioxin’s Recharging Complex helps strengthen and maintain hair health from the inside out.

A multi-nutritional blend, this vitamin’s main ingredients are vitamin A, vitamin C, riboflavin, biotin, iron, selenium, silicon, talc, zinc and pantothenic acid. This mix of helpful ingredients is powerful for both hair and skin. These vitamins are 100 percent gluten-free and non-GMO.

Many reviewers see results in about a week and recommend taking the vitamins to make hair grow fast with food and water.

A Smart Buy: Vitamins to Make Hair Grow Fast

While so many of us experience difficulties with our hair, it’s important that we invest in ourselves what vitamins make hair grow and take pride in our health. Healthy hair has never been more achievable with so many vitamins to make hair grow fast.

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