Feeling stressed? Well, you’re not alone. Around 80% of Americans experience stress every day.

That’s a worrying statistic. After all, stress has a myriad of negative effects on your quality of life. From emotional issues and fatigue to high blood pressure and heart disease, it’s a significant issue that’s best addressed ASAP.

Thankfully, there are many evidence-based steps you can take to regain a sense of calm. Want to learn more? Read on for 4 effective calming strategies to help you handle stress.

1. Listen to Relaxing Music

One of the simplest ways to see your stress-levels drop is to stop, take a break, and listen to some calming music. You could play some relaxing instrumental songs, simple nature sounds, or laid-back classical compositions. Whatever you decide to listen to, these kinds of chilled out tunes can be a powerful weapon in the fight against stress.

You could even take this a step further by lighting some scented candles, running a bath, and putting this music on in the background. Any single one of these could reduce those elevated stress levels; all three together can work wonders!

2. Exercise

When you’re stressed out, anxious, and overworked, exercising might be the last thing on your mind. You’d rather sit down in a comfy armchair and have a cup of tea!

That’d be okay too. But its stress-relieving potential pale in comparison to a solid work out.

Whether you go on a run or to the gym, working out gets you out of your mind and into your body. Your heart-rate lifts, your blood gets oxygenated, and your spirits soar. Better still, your system gets flooded with mood-enhancing neurochemicals and endorphins.

3. Calm Your Body

Stress manifests itself in our bodies in a variety of ways. Some people wring their hands together, others clench their fists, many go red in the face, and most experience tension in their muscles.

Pay attention to the physical symptoms of stress that you might be demonstrating. Next, do something to counter them. For example, you could splash your face with cold water to cool yourself down, lay on the floor and relax your body, or focus on unclenching your fists and allowing any tension to subside.

4. Use Essential Oils and Supplements

Certain essential oils, such as lavender, bergamot, jasmine, and rose, are known to relieve stress too. Rubbing the diluted oils onto your skin, dropping them into a bath, and/or simply inhaling their sweet-smelling scent could help the stress fade away.

For more severe and long-lasting stress, you could try taking stress-relieving supplements, such as CBD. Indeed, this natural derivate of the Cannabis Sativa plant has become a popular treatment for an array of ailments- including stress. Be sure to read a beginner’s CBD guide or two before you jump on the bandwagon though.

Don’t Forget These Effective Calming Strategies

There’s nothing worse than feeling stressed out for an extended period of time. It’s tiring, debilitating, and has a whole host of negative physical and mental implications.

That’s why it’s so important to find ways to calm down and find stillness. We hope this post will help in that regard! Keep these calming strategies in mind and your stress-levels should dissipate in no time.

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