Versatility is one of the selling points of CBD. This cannabis extract remains stable in all sorts of conditions, and it can affect your entire body when it reaches your bloodstream. CBD is also effective when applied on the skin, affecting neurotransmitters close to the surface of the skin.

When you consider all that, it becomes no surprise that there are many ways to get CBD into your system. Each method comes with advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s take a look at those consumption methods

1 – Vaping

One of the most popular ways to use CBD is through vaping. This practice consists of turning CBD e-liquid into vapor using a device, then inhaling the resulting smoke.

This method has many advantages. Inhaled CBD has high bioavailability, which means more of it will become active. When you ingest CBD, as much as 94% of it goes to waste. With vaping, that number comes down to around 50%. Which yes, is still a lot, but it still makes vaping the most efficient way to use CBD. All other methods waste even more of the product.

It’s important to point out that you should never vape CBD oil. Sending vaporized oil into your lungs can cause serious damage and land you in a hospital. Only vape using CBD e-liquids, which are designed to be vaporized safely.

2 – Edibles

Once ingested, CBD is eventually processed by your liver. That’s a slow process, and as a result, ingested CBD can take as long as an hour before it becomes active. And as mentioned above, as much as 94% of that CBD will be wasted by your digestive system, causing no positive effects.

There is a lot of variation when it comes to edibles. The bioavailability of ingested CBD varies depending on a variety of factors, including what type of medication you’ve been taking, and what you ate in the last 12 hours.  Depending on these and other elements, your body will use anywhere from 6% to 19% of the CBD you ingest.

On the upside, the effects of edibles last a long time. Ingested CBD often stays active for six hours or longer.

3 – Pills and capsules

Since they are also ingested, CBD pills and capsules are processed just like edibles. However, since they contain only CBD, they allow you to send CBD into an empty stomach. That could potentially increase the bioavailability of CBD and make it more effective. Both are also discreet and easy to carry.

4 – Mucous membrane

Placing CBD oil under your tongue allows it to be absorbed by the mucous membrane. That gives CBD easy access to your bloodstream without the need to vape the substance. Sublingual application is also almost as efficient as vaping the substance (around 45% of the CBD will be active), and the effects take place within minutes.

The main drawback of sublingual application is convenience. Placing oil under your tongue can be cumbersome, and you have to hold the oil there for about three minutes to get the best results. CBD oil also has a very distinct taste, which some love, but others hate.

If you are thinking of buying CBD, check out Cibdol’s CBD quality guide.

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