It’s time for a CBD pop quiz!

When you’re buying CBD for the first time should you:

  • A. Buy the same CBD product your friend does?
  • B. Look for high potency CBD products?
  • C. None of the above

If you guessed C, you’re right! Beginners should seek out less potent CBD products, from companies they research that are supplied by a trustworthy cbd manufacturer, rather than accepting referrals.

Studies show that 14% of Americans use CBD products. If you’re thinking about joining the ranks of CBD users, you’ll need to learn how to avoid common rookie mistakes.

Read on to learn about the top 5 CBD usage mistakes for beginners.

1. Choosing Cheap CBD Companies

For starters, to truly enjoy the benefits of CBD, you’ll need to buy your product from a reputable supplier. Simply shopping for the cheapest CBD product can cause you all sorts of problems. Not only are cheap products a waste of money, but they can also be a danger to your health.

Cheap Companies Cut Corners Extracting CBD

Companies selling cheap CBD products may use unsafe extraction methods that contaminate the CBD product. For CBD to be effective, it has to be pure, without any added chemicals. Contaminated CBD products won’t be able to properly interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system.

Cheap Companies Use Dangerous Hemp Sources

Another issue with cheap CBD products is that they’re usually derived from unsafe hemp sources. Hemp plants have a unique ability to absorb toxic metals from the soil.

If the CBD is derived from unregulated hemp plants, likely, they’ll also contain harmful toxins. To play it safe, look for CBD companies that source they’re products using organic hemp.

Cheap Companies Don’t Get Lab Tests

Finally, cheap CBD manufacturers are less likely to submit to any type of lab testing of their products. Whereas reputable CBD companies will be happy to spend extra money to have their products tested by a third-party lab.

If a CBD product doesn’t offer a detailed analysis from a third-party lab, avoid that product completely! Instead, only trust suppliers who make their lab tests readily available to consumers.

2. Taking the Wrong CBD Dosage

After you find a quality CBD product, the next step is to determine what the proper CBD dosage is for you. All too often, individuals who are new to CBD, assume they can take the same dose as someone they know who’s already using CBD.

However, the reality is that there all several personal factors that will impact the way CBD interacts with your body. Factors like, your age, gender, and weight, and whether or not you have an empty stomach, will all play a role in determining how much CBD you need to get your desired results.

Someone who’s taking CBD orally with a belly full of food will feel fewer intense effects than someone who takes CBD orally on an empty stomach. Other factors you have to consider is how potent the CBD product is that you’re using as well as your desired results.

For example, let’s say you’re taking CBD for anxiety. If you have low levels of anxiety, your dosage will likely need to stay relatively low. However, if you’re dealing with intense panic attacks, you could probably benefit from a higher dose.

3. Choosing the Wrong Type of CBD

Next on our list of CBD usage mistakes is choosing the wrong type of CBD product. While many products have similar features, knowing the perfect one for your condition will help you get the best results.

Here’s a shortlist of all the different types of CBD:

  • Full Spectrum CBD
  • CBD Isolate
  • Marijuana CBD
  • Hemp CBD

CBD can come from either hemp or marijuana plants. CBD products from marijuana plants can contain high levels of THC. Whereas CBD from hemp plants have to follow strict regulations, keeping THC levels either low or nonexistent. If you’re taking CBD for stress, we find it’s best to use a THC free CBD product.

4. Limiting Themselves to 1 Consumption Method

Since the CBD industry is competitive, manufacturers are always looking for ways to offer new consumption methods. Here’s a shortlist of all the different ways you can consume CBD:

  • Edibles
  • Gelcaps
  • Sublingual
  • Topicals
  • Vapes
  • Oils

Edibles, like gummies or gelcaps, are a great choice if you’re looking for a discrete way to take CBD out in public. Whereas if you’re looking to treat a condition that’s affecting 1 spot of your body, like arthritis, topicals will be your best option.

You can find CBD topical creams, lotions, salves, and even lip balms! Finally, vaping CBD can be a great choice if you want to have a fast-acting, tasty CBD experience.

5. Ignoring Adverse Reactions

While CBD is a safe product, some people will experience unwanted side effects with the product. Here’s a shortlist of negative side effects to keep an eye out for:

  • Change in appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea

If you take CBD and experience any of the negative side effects above, talk to your doctor. The CBD product may be negatively interacting with a separate medication you’re using. It’s also possible that you’re simply taking too high of a dosage.

For instance, blood thinners can negatively interact with CBD products. Finally, if you’re using a topical CBD product, keep an eye out for any allergic reactions. While it’s not likely you’ll experience any adverse side effects with CBD, you can protect yourself by simply knowing what to look out for.

Avoid Common CBD Usage Mistakes

We’re glad we could share these 5 CBD usage mistakes with you today! Now, that you know the mistakes to avoid, you can get out there and purchase your first CBD product.

What product do you see yourself trying first? Will you be buying tasty CBD gummies, or are you ready to try a THC free CBD oil?

Whatever product you choose, we’re sure you’ll enjoy your experience. For more ways to feel your best, explore the rest of this site.

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