Before having children, you had the freedom to go to any dentist that would get you in and out with quality work.

Now that children are in the home, you need to find a family dentist that accepts the entire family. Picking family dentists is more challenging than selecting a dentist solely for yourself.

You want only the best for your children, and you must find an office that they feel comfortable visiting as well. We all know the dentist’s office can be a scary place, but we don’t want our children to know that!

To find the best dentist for the entire family, continue reading below.

1. The Type of Services You Need

Do take note that not all dentists offer the same kinds of services. Think about the types of services you need for the entire family. Are you searching for a dentist only to perform simple teeth-cleaning procedures?

Do you need someone who’ll place braces in your children’s mouths? Are you considering Invisalign over traditional braces? This Invisalign orthodontist offers several different types of orthodontist services for adults and children, but another orthodontist or dentist might not.

Know what dental services you need and then know what the dentist’s office provides. Trips to the dentist are more convenient when you only have to visit one office.

2. The Office’s Location

Where is the office located? The office’s location is essential when searching for a family dentist. You’ll want to find one that’s in close approximation to your children’s school, your home, or your job.

If your family dentist is located far away from you and your children, then you’ll have to leave work earlier and pull the children out of school earlier than if the office was down the street. Take the time to research all the different family dentists in your neighborhood.

3. The Types of Insurance They Accept

Once you find a few offices around your neighborhood, you should then contact the offices or your dental insurance company to confirm the dentist accepts your insurance. Even with dental insurance, dental services can get quite expensive.

Without dental insurance, the cost to visit the dentist could empty your pockets. This is why it’s important to ensure they accept your dental insurance before scheduling the first appointment.

To save time, consider looking on the dentist’s website.

4. The Amount of Experience They Have

Don’t forget to look into the amount of experience the dentist has as well. Not only will you want to know how much experience they have working in the dental practice, but you’ll want to know how much experience they have working with children also.

You can look at their website or call the office and ask them. They should be able to provide you with their certifications or proof of qualifications too.

5. Convenient and Flexible Hours

What are the dentist’s office hours? You’ll need to find an office with convenient and flexible hours to ensure you’re able to take your children at a time that works best for you.

Can you take the kids after work, after school, or on the weekends? Are there emergency hours? Check the website to see what hours are listed and then call the office to ask about special office hours.

If your child falls and chips their tooth, will the dentist see them as soon as possible without having to schedule and wait for an appointment? The office should answer these questions for you.

6. Their Reviews and Reputation

Be sure to look at all references and reviews as well.

A reputable dentist should be able to provide you with a few references. Call these references and ask them a few questions. Look online for a good amount of reviews left by past or current patients.

This information will give you a good idea of what you can expect from the dentist.

7. How They Handle Your Children

Before you make a final selection, you can consider asking a few offices to come in and do a tour. When you tour the office, bring your children with you. You’ll want them there to see how the dentist and staff handle them.

Does everyone feel comfortable while there? Do they specifically cater to children? Maybe the walls are painted fun colors with favorite characters printed on them.

Maybe there are video games in the waiting room and TVs above the dental chairs to provide them with some distraction while having work done.

Overall, how do the dentist and dentist’s offices make your children feel? Finding a dentist where your children and happy and comfortable is essential if you want to have a great experience each visit.

8. The Costs of Services

One of the last things you’ll want to consider is the cost of procedures. Keep in mind that your dental insurance might not cover the full cost of certain procedures, such as having alignment brackets put in behind the teeth. If there’s something you know your child will need in the near future, be sure to ask about the cost.

You’ll want to bring your children to a dentist that’s affordable and has your children’s best interests in mind. If you find a dentist that you and your children absolutely love, then having to pay a bit more for these procedures might be worth the compromise.

Picking Family Dentists Is Now Easy

Do your children need a dentist and fast? Picking family dentists has never been easier now that you have this guide to help lead the way. Use the advice listed here to find the best dentist for the entire family!

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