Famke Beumer Janssen is an actress from the Netherlands and a former fashion model. You might remember her playing characters like Xenia Onatopp from the GoldenEye, Phoenix/Jean Gray from X-Men, and Lenore Mills from the Taken film series. Famke Janssen is a natural beauty because of her natural hair and excellent bone structure. This was all until fans got to see her in London on a casual Tuesday afternoon in 2019. The 54-year-old actress with major high-profile movies under her belt was looking a little different. She was surprisingly unrecognizable when compared to photos a few months before the surgery. Fans were destroyed after knowing her natural beauty went under cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgery is something that is loved by celebs but hated by the fans. Before we start the discussion over Famke Janssen plastic surgery, we must learn some things about her.

Points That We Are Going To Discuss Below:

  • Famke Janssen: History
  • Famke Janssen plastic surgery
  • Possible reasons behind Famke Janssen plastic surgery
  • Femke Janssen plastic surgery was discussed way before 2019
  • Other celebrities who suffered the consequences of plastic surgery
  • Conclusion

Famke Janssen History

Famke Janssen History

Famke was born in the Netherlands, she was the only one with black hair in a family of blondes. She learned how to speak English, French, and German, despite knowing her native language, Dutch. In 1984, Famke moved to the United States to start her career as a professional fashion model.

Being a model wasn’t enough for her, so she studied literature and writing at Columbia University. Later, she moved her life to Los Angeles, where she started her journey to become an actress.

After moving to LA, Famke got her first job as a guest on a TV series. In 1992, she starred in Star Trek: The Next Generation “The Perfect Mate.”

Her first film job was in the movie Fathers & Sons in 1992. And she became a bond girl in 1995 when she appeared as Xenia Onatopp in a James Bond film.

Since then, she has been a huge star with a large fan following. With movies like the X-Men and the Taken series, she has slowly and gracefully managed to capture a memorable space in Hollywood. Even in today’s competition, fans can not forget her, and she is a huge deal for any project. Famke Janssen’s name in any project is worth a lot of money to the studio.

From what we know, Famke Janssen lives in New York (west village). Famke was married to a director/writer, Tod Culpan Williams, who is the son of Tod Williams, an architect. She was married from 1995-2000 and never got married since then.

Famke Janssen Plastic Surgery

Famke Janssen Plastic Surgery

After the bitter realization of the surgery, fans went crazy over the internet. They had a pretty good reason to feel sad about this because Famke Janssen plastic surgery took away her natural laughter marks and replaced them with a fluffy pillow-type skin. Just like any other plastic surgery, the actress’s face was looking sore with a very pillowy complexion. Fans are calling Famke Janssen plastic surgery a mistake, and maybe they are right because the “Bond girl” was looking way younger and pretty even in her 50s.

Many believe Famke Janssen plastic surgery was meant to be a ‘facelift’ which did not go well. Now there is nothing that can be done about her face. All we, as her fans, can do is accept the results and keep enjoying her performances.

Even after Famke Janssen plastic surgery, her demand is still on top. She is even starring in a mini TV series called “When They See Us” as Nancy Ryan. People still love to watch her on big as well as small screens. This shows that getting plastic surgery was not a huge problem for Famke Janssen, even though some fans were upset.

Possible Reasons Behind Famke Janssen Plastic Surgery

Possible Reasons Behind Famke Janssen Plastic Surgery


Well, the first and most sensible reason is that the source of inspiration for millions was getting old. Many actresses don’t like when their face skin starts to lose, making more wrinkles appear on their pretty smile. So, to tackle various signs of aging, celebrities choose to go under surgery in the hope of regaining their past beauty.


Sometimes actors and actresses feel competition from other co-stars. This encourages their motivation to undergo plastic surgery or other medical procedures. Even though Famke Janssen had no reason to be concerned about competition because her devoted fans were always eager to see the actress in action on the big screen.


Famke Janssen plastic surgery is a mystery that we don’t understand completely. Why and what she did to her face has never been discussed by the woman herself. But one possible reason that comes to our mind is that she was insecure about her work.

Most actresses suffer from a great loss as they age. They don’t get work because they start to lose their bone structure or looks. This is genuinely bad for all the stars, but it is somewhat true. When a celeb gains weight or looks different, all the media and viewers start trolling the person. Maybe Famke was nervous and decided in desperation. But good for her, she still finds work and people still love to see her in all her charm.

Now, these might be some of the reasons Famke went under the knife as any other celebrity did. But we still can’t say for sure why she did that. All we know is that something looks different on her face. Hopefully, Famke herself steps up and talks about her surgery with all of us.

Famke Janssen Plastic Surgery Was Discussed Way Before 2019

Famke Janssen Plastic Surgery Was Discussed Way Before 2019

To know about this, we have to jump back all the way to 2012. In a statement, Femke Janssen talked about plastic surgery. She expressed that she is avoiding going under the knife because visiting hospitals and dermatologists frequently can be troublesome.

According to her, aging is an inevitable part of life, and you can try to fight it, but you cannot win. She said she would rather direct or write scripts instead of visiting hospitals and dermatologists.

At the time, she said plastic surgery doesn’t make people seem younger; instead, it makes them seem like strangers.

Now we have no idea how her perspective changed since then, but what she said feels completely right if you look at the results of plastic surgery. Maybe over time, Famke started to feel a little insecure about her aging and decided to go under surgery.

Other Celebrities Who Suffered The Consequences Of Plastic Surgery

We know a lot of celebrities go under the knife, mainly because of their looks. The way they look represents everything about their lives. Their image works as a brand, and if a celeb loses their charm, they can lose everything. What the media and society will think about their inevitable aging makes an issue of their self-esteem. Just remember Brendan Fraser at the Oscars. People still laugh and troll him for losing his sex appeal, not forgetting that he was nearly 50.

In an attempt to look young and bold again, celebs choose to undergo various cosmetic procedures during their career. Famke Janssen plastic surgery was a facelift, according to many, but it is not the only plastic surgery. Many undergo botox injections and lip injections, with many more to think of.

If we think about the cost, it is way more than an ordinary person could afford. But stars usually have more than they could ever spend. But having money is not enough because these surgeries have gone very badly with some stars.

The problem is that they took the procedure way too far. Here are some celeb examples who took their plastic surgery too far.

Steven Tyler

According to the internet, he started to look like an old woman. Yes, that’s completely right because he is the one to be blamed. Fans always wonder if their ideals even know whether or not they look good with dyed hair or plastic surgery.

Steven Tyler was never the best-looking guy in the room, but he was the lead singer of Aerosmith, which made a lot of women go crazy about him.

It was obvious that the 69-year-old rockstar underwent surgery. He never tried to hide any under-knife experiments from the world. He went under a facelift and botox injection. He should’ve stayed as he was because people didn’t complain about his looks and he definitely didn’t become famous because of looks. He was always a rockstar because of his talents.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

The king of pop was more than an emotion. His life was full of tragedy. He was abused by his father and was forced to pursue a career in the music industry in his childhood. He was a huge star and public image for decades. Many comedians started to make fun of him and people began to see him as a punchline instead of a person.

It was definitely clear that the pop star went under the knife several times. He did forehead lift, rhinoplasty, lip alteration, cheekbone surgery, cleft chin creation. After his death, it was confirmed that he had scars behind both ears, behind the nostrils, two on the neck, and his scalp and eyebrows had cosmetic tattoos. What may surprise many is that autopsy reports also confirmed that Michael Jackson was wearing a wig. He was either getting bald or was already bald. This makes you feel sad for him, but he was a true legend who gave us tons of memories.

Lil Kim

Just like Famke Janssen plastic surgery, here is another female star who went under the knife which did not turn out well.

Lil Kim became popular when she performed a freestyle rap for Biggie Smalls. She became more and more popular and was one of the most known female rappers from 1995 to the early 2000s. Her fame made her the queen of hip hop for a while.

With an obviously visible nose job, many people believed Kim did a procedure on the eyes with skin bleaching and Botox injections. Some signs even showed that she might have undergone a facelift procedure.

After that, she was just a star who liked to start arguments with celebs who are more successful than her.

Getting to know all this makes us feel Famke Janssen plastic surgery wasn’t the biggest mistake. She is a great actress with millions of fans following her. She still has her charm with talent which she uses behind the screen. She even wants and inspires women to join the behind-the-scenes work of the entertainment industry.

What’s Your View On Plastic Surgery?

So what are your thoughts on Famke Janssen plastic surgery? Do you agree with her decision? Did you prefer her natural appearance? Getting old and gaining some laugh wrinkles is completely natural, and just like Famke said, surgery doesn’t make you look younger; it just makes you seem stranger. Being able to accept the inevitable aging is part of human life. But maybe celebrities have to take care of their appearance because of their career. Plastic surgery has become commonplace among celebrities in recent years. More and more recognizable faces are turning into strangers, and hopefully, this trend will stop somewhere.

Plastic surgery is not a cheap trip to the garden; it costs a lot and you have to invest your invaluable time in it.

If you are thinking about plastic surgery and even if you have the money, just stop for a moment and think if you look perfect as you are, instead of trying to fake it. Many celebs turn out looking perfect after their surgery, but some don’t. Not only the stars but also we as their fans, should be respectful of their aging and bodies. So, this was it. Now we know at least somewhat about Famke Janssen plastic surgery. We can know better if she talks about her surgery in the future.

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