Americans sit more now than at any other time in history.

It’s not surprising that many people who work in offices are developing back and neck pain from so much time in front of a computer screen.

You need to rethink how you sit at your desk during working hours. There are many ways to reduce the pain you’re feeling from sitting all day long.

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1. Invest in a Comfortable Chair

If you’re spending so much time sitting down, you need to ensure you have a comfortable chair to sit on.

This should be able to give your back and neck proper support. You need to be able to keep your feet on the floor as well.

It’s best if you’re able to adjust the chair so that you can keep your seat upright with a healthy posture.

2. Keep Your Screen at Eye Level

Whether you’re using a laptop or a desktop computer, you need to make sure the top of your computer screen is around eye level.

This allows you to comfortably focus on your screen with straining your neck. You don’t want to be moving your head every time you use your computer.

Keeping your screen at the right level and taking regular breaks is how to get rid of upper back pain.

3. Plenty of Natural Light

Workplaces are always competing for the best office perk. But, ultimately you cannot beat natural light in the office.

When workers have large windows that brighten up the office, you’ll significantly bolster the workplace.

Sitting in dim light isn’t great for trying to focus on your computer. There’s even evidence that natural light improves productivity.

4. Arrange Everything With Arm’s Length

You don’t want to be constantly reaching for items on your desk. Whether it is your telephone or your pen, ensure everything can be reached easily from your seated position.

If you need to stretch every time you need to answer your phone or sit awkwardly when you need to write anything down, this could cause potential injury.

5. Encourage Regular Movements

Just because you’re sitting in an office all day, you don’t need to stay seated throughout the day.

Whenever possible, get up and go for a walk. You could be having a break and making yourself a coffee.

But, you might also decide to have a walking meeting with a co-worker or phone a client during a stroll in the park.

How to Make the Most of Your Office Ergonomics?

You don’t want anyone going home with an injured neck or back. You need to ensure that your workers aren’t stretched in the workplace.

Follow our office ergonomics tips to make sure everyone stays fit and healthy so you can keep up your productivity levels.

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