Substance use disorder costs the U.S. more than $740 billion each year through healthcare, lost work productivity, and increased crime. At an individual level, drug addiction has debilitating effects. For you to deal with this issue, you have to accept that you have an addiction.

Fortunately, several drug detox centers can help you overcome addiction. It would be paramount if you found a medical detox facility that will leave you feeling sober and ready to face life. Yet, making a choice on one facility over the other isn’t often easy.

If you’ve been wondering how to pick the right detox facility, you’re in luck. Keep reading to learn how to choose the best clinic and receive quality care.

Consult a Drug Treatment Professional

A doctor’s evaluation will give you headway on the treatment facility that you can consider. It’s crucial to work with a doctor who has the American Society of Addiction Medicine certification or a psychiatrist with substance use disorders experience. You might even realize that residential treatment is unnecessary.

When working with a therapist who has experience in addiction treatment, it is possible to get inpatient treatment if one is unstable and can’t recover without assistance. Besides, the inpatient option is ideal if a patient has challenges performing typical duties such as going to working and performing family obligations.

The inpatient treatment can also help in managing some withdrawal symptoms. It would be impossible to determine all these aspects unless one undergoes an assessment by a professional. From the results, you can determine the rehab that’s likely to meet your needs.

What Are Your Rehab Goals?

While the main aim of visiting a rehab is to recover from an addiction, some people have specifications. If your main objective is to regain your confidence, another person attending the detox facility is probably hoping to remain sober for at least the first thirty days. Your goals determine the kind of rehab that’s suitable.

Most of these facilities have specialties. As such, healthcare providers tend to adopt different strategies to get to a solution. Ensure that the approaches used resonate with your needs, and they are helping you achieve your rehab needs.

If your current facility is not meeting your needs, you can enroll in a new detox and residential treatment program to enjoy different kinds of therapies. In the end, you will get over your addiction and live a more satisfying life.

Research About a Facility’s Resources

A significant number of people dealing with substance use disorder also face other clinical conditions such as anxiety or depression. When you’re shopping for a rehab center, check to see its effectiveness in addressing other related issues. The last thing you want is staying in a detox center and seeking other mental treatments in alternative clinics.

From a website, you’ll know if the center has counselors or other programs to deal with dual-diagnosis. Call the facility to confirm the availability of all listed services. Some of the rehabs include a list of extra services for marketing purposes.

It would be best to inquire about these services before signing up for the program. If you need extra assistance, don’t bow to the appealing offers that you’re likely to get. Choose a medical detox facility that has the right resources to help you in overall recovery.

Available Treatments and Therapies

Facilities use different models of treatment and therapies for drug addiction. As such, one can opt for one kind of treatment over the other. You can also choose a medical detox center that has the type of treatment that you deem fit for your situation.

If you have been under treatment before, you most likely know what you want. Call the facilities you have identified to establish if they have the type of treatment you desire. You can research online platforms to know how effective rehab is in using the particular therapy.

You can also check if the center has drugs if you seek to treat a particular drug dependency through medication. Most rehab centers opt for the abstinence model, and some addicts might feel they need an approach that offers quick results. However, it is essential to work with your healthcare provider for the best approach.

Quality Over Luxury

A recent survey for Rehab Racket Project by Vox confirmed that people use up to $200,000 as rehab fees. Staying in a rehab can be quite expensive for the average person. It is vital to research the comprehensive cost of the medication before settling for a detox facility.

Some of the most pricy centers have posh amenities such as private rooms and swimming pools. They are mostly in upscale neighborhoods, which explains why they are expensive. Yet, costly and luxurious services don’t necessarily mean that rehab has quality services.

While getting a facility that has proper amenities should top your list, avoid choosing sophistication over quality. Research more to determine that a particular detox center is offering the best services. You don’t want to stay in a 5-star setting for months and have nothing to show for it.

Length of Program

When searching for a rehab center, consider a facility that boasts of longevity. Work with a center that has been in operation for at least five years. Such centers are likely to have been in business for long as they have adopted best practices.

You ought to consider the program length to know if it’s consistent with your other activities and financial standing. Some programs go up to 90 days to address issues of substance abuse. You can ask your healthcare provider how long the program is likely to take to know if it works for you.

Finding the Best Medical Detox Facility Isn’t Often Straightforward

With the variety of medical detox centers available, choosing one over the other is not always easy. It would be best if you had clear goals to find a rehab center that resonate with your needs. It is also advisable to research more on a facility’s offering before signing up for a program.

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