So, can you burn calories doing absolutely nothing? Yes, it’s possible. Your inactivity does not miraculously make your body burn calories – it is the effect caused by doing workouts. This effect is known as the afterburn effect.

Knowledge of this can help you gain the most benefits out of your workouts. This will also save you some time because you burn calories during the workout session and after it as well.

Busy people can maintain their health and fitness tips by doing specific routines that promote this effect. Here is some information on the afterburn effect that you should know:

Afterburn Effect Explained

This effect, in simple terms, is the additional burning of calories that happens after training. This means that you have a strategic training routine and you can burn extra calories after completing your drill.

1. The Process

This effect is known as EPOC, which stands for Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption. After exercising your body, it gets tired and has to get back to a rested state. Before it gets there, your body checks if a few things are done.

This includes lactic acid elimination, oxygen stores, creatine and ATP restoration, muscle repair, and many other processes. These functions need oxygen, and that is why the consumption of oxygen is increased even after working out.

This requires more energy, so more calories are burnt on top of those that were burnt during training.

2. Suggested Workouts

Firstly, if you are considering supplementing your training, click here for a full range of performance enhancers. When trying to get that afterburn effect, you must know what exercises to do and how to do them.

This is important because if you do the wrong ones, you may not get any calories burnt after working out.

3. HIIT Running

It would be best if you made all of your workouts intense. This is a crucial principle. HIIT running will give you the afterburn effect. It would also help if you did your workouts with quick intervals.

You can also do tempo runs and fartleks. These exercises are perfect for creating that effect. Doing sprints – as compared to easy long runs – is better to get the full effect.

4. Strength Training

The best strength mental fitness training would be calisthenics. If you are trying to be a heavyweight lifter, weights can be great for you, but if you want to remain fit, you should do bodyweight workouts.

These include push-ups, pull-ups, lunges, dips, sit-ups, step-ups, and more. Their simplicity makes them easy to do at home or anywhere you are. You only need space enough for yourself.

A mixture of both is the best and most suitable combination. You can run and then do the strength training afterwards. That will ensure that you burn maximum calories both before and after the workout.


The afterburn effect is a unique phenomenon. However, for you to have maximum fat loss, you should make sure you focus more on the calories you lose as you train. The number of calories burnt varies between individuals but research states that you can boost the number of calories you burn by 6-15%.

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