Golfing is a great way to keep the joints nimble and your dexterity up as you get older. But you don’t want to embarrass yourself out on the green. You should be prepared for that first 18 hole course and what it entitles.

Here are 5 golf essentials that you should have before you tee off for the first time.

1. Golf Clubs

This one might go without being said, but golf clubs are absolutely needed before you can start golfing. While a full set might not be necessary, you should minimally have the essentials.

The essential golf clubs include a putter, sand wedge, driver, and at least 2 to 3 irons. Golf courses will often have them for rent, so if you want to try a few brands before purchasing, this is the way to go.

2. Golf Balls

Another no-brainer, but golf balls are an absolute must-have. While you can pick up a simple box of three, if it is your first time playing, you should bring at least a dozen or so.

While you can also rent these, it is not recommended, as they are easily lost depending on the course. Between bush, woods, and water, golf balls are easily lost throughout the game.

3. Golf Tees

Another part of the essential golf equipment list is the golf tee. Golf tees are used at the beginning of a hole to “tee off” and get the further distance. This is usually the shot you will use your driver at.

Golf tees typically come in two different variations, plastic, and wood. Most individuals will use plastic because they are sturdier and can live up to the beating that the golf clubs will deliver.

For those looking for the best golf tees, be sure to check out the link.

4. Golf Shoes

This one often goes overlooked, but a good pair of golf shoes goes a long way. A simple pair of tennis shoes is usually not sufficient because they do not grip the green well enough.

Look for a pair with a decent amount of grip underneath, as it will help with the swinging motion, without you slipping. It will also stop you from tearing up the green and ruining a course.

5. Sunscreen

Another often forgot part of golf is the sunscreen. You are under the direct sun more than any other sport, as there are no indoor golf courses (unless you count mini-golf).

Keep a decent SPF 30 on you and reapply every hour and a half for the best protection. If you are more faired skin, be sure to up that SPF.

You’ll Be Prepared With These Golf Essentials

With these golf essentials, you’ll be able to take the course by storm and show that you are prepared for anything the wind may throw at you. Just be sure to keep your sunscreen applied and your clubs in working order, and you’ll be shooting under par in no time.

If you want to learn more about golf and the fitness world, be sure to check out the rest of our articles. If you know someone you’re thinking about golfing with, be sure to share this article with them so that you are both prepared.

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