Telehealth and telemedicine services are ways for patients and doctors to interact without one another without needing to be in the same physical location. Home telehealth allows many patients with various reasons to stay at home the ability to still meet with their doctors. There are several different types of telehealth and different ways it’s used as well.

For example, if you visit a doctor’s office that allows patient consultations over the phone, then this is one way you’re already using telehealth. The benefits that both doctors and patients receive from the telehealth industry depend on the type of each individual’s situation.

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Advantages of Home Telehealth

When patients are unable to see a doctor in person due to illness, transportation, or distance, telehealth services come into play. Even if you don’t fall under these circumstances, it can still be beneficial for you.

home telehealth
Advantages of Telehealth

Here’s what you need to know about the industry and how you could benefit from it. Continue reading below to find out more home telehealth advantages!

1. RX Delivery

Purchasing your prescriptions from an online drug store is one of the ways telehealth services can help you. Imagine never having to leave the comfort of your home to receive your prescriptions. This is a major game-changer for those who have several monthly prescriptions to pick up.

Finding your way to the pharmacy several times a month can become overwhelming, and chances are, you have many other important things to get done. If you order your prescriptions with an online drug store, the prescriptions will be mailed to your door.

This form of telehealth is even more beneficial for those who don’t have access to daily transportation, such as the elderly.

2. Doctor/Patient Visits

Thanks to telehealth, doctor/patient visits can now take place from any location at any time. The visit happens in real-time either over a video conference or a telephone conference. Through these visits, doctors can assess medical history, give psychiatric evaluations, visual examinations, and more!

Think about how many times you visit a doctor so multiple reasons, but the doctor doesn’t need to physically touch you to complete your visit. These are the types of visits that can be easily completed with telehealth services.

3. Patient Therapy Sessions

Telehealth services are also available to those receiving therapy sessions. This goes for all types of therapy as well. You could be receiving therapy for a trauma-related event, for speech therapy, for marriage counseling, and so much more.

Whatever your reason is for seeking the help of a therapist, you can have these sessions in the comfort of your own home when needed.

Weekly Therapy Sessions

This can be very beneficial for those who rely on their weekly therapy sessions to maintain good mental or physical health but perhaps cannot make a session due to unforeseen events.

There might even be a time when a therapist is out of town for an event or meeting. When something like this would normally prevent a weekly session from happening, telehealth makes it possible.

4. Patient Monitoring

When a patient needs consistent monitoring, he or she may be asked by his or her doctor to come into the office once a week, month, or so on. With telehealth, doctors can now monitor patients while the patients get to relax at home and truly rest or recover.

The patients who will benefit from this the most are those with major health conditions. Data about their health is sent to their doctors and specialists remotely.

5. Specialist/Patient Visits

If you have a specialist that you see or are in the process of finding one, then you know how difficult this can be at times. Specialists are not as common as doctors and finding a good specialist that’s inside your insurance’s network can be a struggle.

It’s not uncommon to have to travel far distances to see a good specialist. When distance becomes a factor, patients and specialists can complete consultations and visits via telehealth services. This saves patients time and money.

6. Doctor/Specialist Communication

There will be times when your doctor needs to communicate with your specialist. Video conferencing makes it possible for doctors and specialists to communicate with one another without having to travel. When your doctor is able to share your health condition information with a specialist using telehealth, the process is quicker.

Patients might either be involved in the communication or not, but the specialist will be able to provide the best assistance when he or she is in direct communication with your doctor via telehealth.

7. Appointment Cancellations

Telehealth is a great way to reduce the number of appointment cancellations. When something suddenly comes up and you’re unable to make an appointment, you can consider using telehealth as an option. This could be true when you’re unable to find transportation or when a child in the home becomes ill, and you can’t leave.

Instead of having to cancel your appointment and reschedule, trying to find another time to fit it into your calendar, you can simply set up a telehealth visit!

8. Convenient Check-Ups

Many doctors require check-ups after different types of visits. Maybe you recently had a small surgery or recently came to be placed on a new kind of birth control. Whatever the reason may be for your doctor to want to check up with you, you can now have more convenient check-ups using telehealth.

Save the trip to the doctor’s office, especially if you’re feeling great, and check in with your doctor via telephone or video conference!

Home Telehealth Is the Answer!

If you believe that you might benefit from any of these telehealth services, then home telehealth might be the answer for you! Speak with your doctors and specialist to see what kind of options are available to you.

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