Finding a therapist that deals with Body Integrity Identity Disorders (BIID) and actually knows what they are talking about is somewhat difficult. Before trekking...




Manila Layover

7 Things to Do on a Manila Layover

Metro Manila is a megacity that would require more than a day or two to truly explore and appreciate. However, if you happen to...
red wine

How Drinking wine can be both a boon and bane for your health?

Wine is great for your health. Health experts have confirmed that drinking wine moderately improves the overall health of a person, but there’s a...
Web Design Project

Choosing A Designer For Web Design Project Is Easier By Following Simple Points

Generally, it might seem that web design is one simple skill, which anyone can work on. In reality, the procedure of web design is...


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Woman dreams of becoming paralyzed!

Dick Swaab – one of the most respected European neuroscientists. In his best-selling book, “We – are our brains,” he tells the story of...
4 Common Post-Accident Symptoms You Should Watch-Out

4 Common Post-Accident Symptoms You Should Watch-Out

Nobody likes to get into an accident. Who would like to face financial damage, body injuries, lawsuits, and loss of job all at once?...
Things to Consider When Choosing a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Things to Consider When Choosing a Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you or someone you love is facing criminal charges, it is imperative that you have an experienced criminal defense attorney fighting for you....


Recovering from a back injury: How to do it quickly

Anyone who has ever suffered from back pain knows how debilitating it can be. Suffering a back injury is no joke, that’s for sure!...