National Pardon is the process of criminal record removal for those who were convicted and have completed their sentence. When the federal government of Canada issues a record suspension,its criminal records will not appear in any search by the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC). 

What is a Record Suspension?

In Canada, a pardon is known as a record suspension, which keeps your criminal record away from public view only in less extreme cases. It is granted by the Parole Board of Canada (PBC) whichis responsible for permitting and revokingpardons and record suspensions.Once you receive a record suspension, your criminal record is sealed away and will not appear when any background checks are performed. Minister of Public Safety Canada is the only authorized person to re-open your records. 

How to Apply for Canadian Pardon?

You must complete your sentence and then meeting the eligibility criteria set by the Parole Board must prepare the application. has shared a comprehensive guide on how to get a Canadian Pardon application.There are three ways to apply for a pardon application. 

  1. Do it yourself

The Parole Board of Canada has made it clear that you are responsible for applying for an application. You will needRCMP accredited agency to handle fingerprinting step for you. 

2. Hire a lawyer

Most people choose to hire a lawyer to complete this step, though you don’t require any lawyer to help you out in getting your application.

3. Hire a pardon services agency

If you don’t want to prepare documentation on your own, you can request a Canadian pardon service provider to offer you itsservices.

How Does a Record Suspension Benefit You?

Some people don’t feel the need of receiving record suspension until they face serious consequences of their criminal records. Applying for record suspension can be beneficial for you in different ways. Here are a few benefits listed below: 

  1. Better Employment Opportunities

Many employers conduct a criminal record check before hiringnew employees. If you have any criminal record, it can prevent you from getting those jobs. Contrary to this, if you have received record suspension, it gives you better employment opportunities since no one can see your sealed criminal records. 

2. Ability to Receive Canadian Citizenship

Canadian Immigration often refuses to grant Citizenship or Permanent Resident status to those who have past criminal records. After receiving record suspension, there are increased chances for you to receive Canadian citizenship. 

3. Enhanced Chance of Child Custody

Having a criminal record can affect your personal life as well. It minimizes the chances of receiving your child’s custody and also limit your visitation rights. 

4. Increased Chance of Getting Rentals

Many landlords also perform background checks before renting their apartment. You may have to face a difficult time getting your favoriteapartment. It is importantfor you to apply for a record suspension to avoid situations like this

5. Improved Peace of Mind

“What do people think?”This thought causesanxiety, especially when you have a past criminal record. To live worry-free and peacefully you must apply to get your criminal record sealed as soon as possible.

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