French fries, chips, or fries. Whatever you call them, these deep-fried potatoes are a universal pleasure that can be enjoyed alone or with a number of other entrees. They are also ever so satisfying. There is nothing like a big bite of a burger followed by a fry smothered in honey mustard sauce or ketchup. The only problem is that indulging in such a delectable isn’t always the healthiest option. This is especially true for those individuals trying to diet or lose weight.

Here are the Guidelines

The Dangers Of Fries

Couple what was said above with the fact that you might be ordering these fries from a fast food joint, and it is only going to add to the calories and health concerns. A medium fry at most local restaurants can set you back as much as 400 calories and 500 milligrams of sodium. It goes without saying that is isn’t the best for your heart health, and even more unacceptable for your waistline. But, are you one of those individuals that just can’t have a meal without your favorite side order of fries? You aren’t completely out of luck just yet because there are some things you can do to make your favorite fish a little healthier.

Consider The Air Fryer

When it comes right down to it the number one reason that most fry recipes are so unhealthy is that they are cooked in a vat of vegetable oil. This means that you are getting tons of extra fat and calories that you could simply do without. Sure, you have the option of baking those fries, and this no doubt cuts back, but most people still end up going overboard with the oil. The oil that contains a blissful 120 calories per tablespoon. A good heart-healthy olive oil could be a good way to combat this, but one of the best and sure-fire methods of avoiding all this is by opting for the air fryer. If you check out Corrie Cooks, you’ll see that there is now an air fryer attachment that goes right on the top of your instant pot and turn it into an air fryer.

Do Away With The Oil

Speaking of oil, why not just eliminate it altogether? You’ll be slashing the calories and fit right out the gate. You can opt for a few tablespoons of seasoned whisked egg whites of vegetable broth instead of the oil. Just remember to rotate those potatoes over once or twice during the cooking process so that they get nice and brown on both sides.

Do Away With The Salt

While you doing away with things, you might as well do away with the salt as well. Have you noticed how those fries always taste so good and delectable going down, but 30 minutes later you feel bloated? That’s the salt for you. That’s exactly what the salt does. It is much easier to control your sodium content at home when you’re making your own fries, but there are still plenty of better salt alternatives for their dieter. Garlic, cumin, paprika, thyme, and rosemary are just to name a few of the healthier options out there.

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