Wine is great for your health. Health experts have confirmed that drinking wine moderately improves the overall health of a person, but there’s a thin line that separates drinking wisely and drinking excessively. It is believed that the French people live longer and has lower risks to heart problem because they drink wine every day, but that’s debatable some experts say that overall the French people eat whole food and live a healthier lifestyle which causes them to be less risk at heart diseases. 

It is believed that drinking wine lower the risks of heart diseases and the antioxidants in wine help fight a lot of disease from heart diseases to cancer. Wine is beneficial in many ways which you can find out on reading this article. 

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Benefits of drinking wine 

Wine contains resveratrol which is very beneficial for health. It also contains beneficial antioxidants.

Reduce heart diseases

It is found through studies that wine reduces heart diseases because it affects the gut microbiome also resveratrol helps cut down heart diseases.

Raise the omega 3 fatty acid

Drinking wine raises the level of omega 3 fatty acids in the body, and this acid is the key to helping fight heart disease. 

Reduce the blood pressure 

It is found that wine contains procyanidins and this is very helpful in keeping the blood vessel healthy. It is also found in 2012 that a non-alcoholic drink red wine is very helpful in reducing blood pressure

Helpful in a stroke 

It is also found in studies that resveratrol helps protect the brain from damage caused by a stroke.

Helpful in eyesight 

The resveratrol in red wine help from vision loss which can be caused by blood vessel growth in the eyes.

Prevents cancer

It is studied that the resveratrol in red wine reduces the size of a tumor of about 50 percent. It is also found that consuming grapes helps to keep a check in the estrogen production and reduces the level of estrogen and up the level of testosterone which helps in fighting cancer cells.Although all alcoholic drink causes cancer, but the grapes in wine help prevent cancer in the breast and also according to a few studies it shows that red wine and also white wine boost lung function and prevents lung cancer.

It also prevents dementia 

It is also found that the resveratrol in red wine also helps in dementia. It is found that those who consume red wine moderately have a lower risk in dementia than those who don’t drink it at all and the skin of red grapes is believed to contain a high level of resveratrol which helps in prevention of dementia.

Reduces depression 

It is found in studies that those whose intake of red wine is 2 glasses to 7 glasses a week has a lesser chance of being diagnosed with depression.

Prevent sunburn 

It is found that wine and grapes derivatives help reduce the ultraviolet effect of the sun on the skin. It is believed that the grape is very helpful in sunburn. Grapes and its derivatives contain flavonoids which are very helpful in sunburn.

Help prevents liver problems

Studies show that drinking wine moderately helps in fighting liver diseases. NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease) is reduced with the consumption of red wine.

Helps in preventing dental cavities 

Dental cavities are reduced with the consumption of wine because it kills bacteria.


The reason why wine drinking is so beneficial is because of the resveratrol it contains.Resveratrol has a huge benefit for the overall health of someone. Although red wine has more benefit than white wines because red wine has a larger amount of resveratrol in it. Although there is a large benefit out of drinking red wine, but wine like any other alcoholic drink can be harmful to anyone. Drinking of alcohol for adults too can cause a lot of diseases. The underlying problem of addiction is prevalent even with wine consumption those who drink moderately may benefit from wine, but this too could lead to addiction because 2 glasses can slowly turn to 3 or 4 glasses and that could deteriorate the health of anyone. 


There are several diseases caused by alcohol to name a few addictions, depression, mental health problems, stroke, hypertension, fatty liver different kinds of cancer.  So we can see that drinking wine could both be a boon and a bane, and the individual who drinks wine should be an adult and someone responsible so as not to be addicted to it. Drinking alcohol is not advised, but the resveratrol in red wine may benefit in many ways, but drinking red wine moderately is the key to good health.

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