The scariest thing about health conditions is the years it can take off your life. When you do have a disease, you are more inclined to want to take better care of yourself and life to the fullest. In America, heart disease is the main cause of death for males and females, and kills someone every 36 seconds.

How long can you live with heart disease if you have it? Is there anything you can do to improve the condition? Keep reading to find out.

How Long Can You Live With Heart Disease?

Everyone is already a ticking clock by the time they are born. Having any type of heart disease can speed up this process. While there is no exact time frame you can expect to have left with the heart condition, you can expect to have 3 1/2 years less than most.

Of course, many heart conditions, like a heart attack, can cause people to lose their life the first time it happens. When it does happen, it is very unexpected. In the end, you cannot guess how much time you have left. If you are alive and know you have a heart disease, you should do what you can to improve your health to extend your life.

Tips To Help Keep Heart Disease at Bay

Can you cure heart disease? The answer is yes and no. There are some adults who are able to function even with the condition. You may never completely get rid of it, but you can cure it in the sense that you start or stop doing certain things.

Living with heart disease may be easier for those who alter their lifestyle for the better. Increasing your level of fitness, for example, is helpful. Being active and taking half an hour walks a few times a week can add as much as 12 years to your life expectancy.

A little goes a long way, and even minor changes can lower heart health risks. Changing your diet is also a game-changer. When you have heart disease, you want to refrain from eating oily and processed foods that can clog your arteries. Reducing salt helps put less stress on the heart.

While there is no specific diet, you do want to increase the vegetables you eat. If you smoke, you should quit. The healthier the lifestyle, the greater the life expectancy you will have.

Living as Long a Life as Possible With Heart Disease

Getting the diagnosis for any form of heart disease is hard. In your mind, the first thing you will worry about is “how long can you live with heart disease?” No one can ever give a true range for this because it varies greatly. You may pass away as soon as the next day or you may live for years (although shorter than average)

When your heart is still beating, you should change your lifestyle for the better to increase your chances of living longer. Remember to write down your goals and plans and set realistic targets to help you achieve them. It may help to work with friends and family.

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