Do you find yourself squinting when trying to read or watch television? Many of us have vision problems and if you find yourself in this category you may be considering surgery. What will LASIK cost?

If you have been wondering about LASIK surgery cost, we have some answers. Today it is easier than ever to get your eyesight checked and corrected.


The first thing to know is that LASIK cost is calculated per eye. It is not like going to the eye doctor and getting glasses or contacts.

The average cost of LASIK surgery for both eyes is around $3,000 on the lower side. On the higher side, it is $4,600. That may seem like a large stretch but it is because of how the procedure is done and what it entails.

Conventional LASIK is done with a handheld blade, making it the lowest cost procedure. The corneal flap is made with the blade then reshaped with a laser.

For guided LASIK surgery, the cost is more. With this procedure, you will see colors more vibrantly and your overall eyesight will be much improved.

Is LASIK Safe?

Before heading off to the surgeon you should know if LASIK is safe. You want to make sure you have a surgeon who knows what he is doing and evaluates you before and after surgery. At the Las Vegas Eye Institute, you will feel reassured right away.

It is completely normal to feel a little nervous when having eye surgery. You use your eyes every single day so you want a doctor who understands how important your vision is to you.

This is when you want a trained surgeon who has lots of experience. Make sure your surgeon has up to date training and performs any tests needed before the procedure.

Everything should be explained to you in detail before your surgery. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask them.

The Latest Technology

When you consider the average cost of LASIK, you have to remember how important your eyesight is. This is something vital to your everyday lifestyle. You want to use a surgeon who utilizes the latest in LASIK technology.

There may be many doctors out there who claim to do the procedure for less money, but you need to see if they are using the best technology possible. You only get two eyes and you need to take care of them!

The Right Surgeon

When considering LASIK cost, you want to find the right surgeon. This means finding a doctor who will evaluate you before and after your LASIK procedure. Not all surgeons follow up so make sure yours wants to know the procedure was a success.

Most doctors will have their credentials and training posted on their websites. Check them out before going in and make sure the one you choose has proper training.

The average cost of LASIK may seem high, but when it comes to your eyes you want the absolute best care available. Follow us for more tips like these!

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