MRI scanners no bigger than a smartphone? Batteries that last more than 10 years on a single charge?  With nothing more than a breath sample, medical sensors that diagnose common diseases like Dr. McCoy on Star Trek? If you think those sound like science fiction, think again. 

Quantum technology science is a field that will revolutionize all our lives. By harnessing the quirks of the quantum world—electrons and individual photons of light, the fundamental components of nature—we are exploring and developing a new era of technology unlike anything we’ve known. It’s only a matter of exerting proper science to get there. Quantum technology is not only real and practical in 2019, but monetizable as well. It holds less consumer interest for now, but businesses and governments are already gaining from it significantly. 

Quantum technology is an interdisciplinary field that brings together the expertise of such diverse fields as the following:

  • quantum sensing
  • quantum optics
  • quantum optomechanics,
  • quantum many-body theory
  • photonics
  • superconductivity
  • plasmonics
  • ultra-cold atoms and molecules,
  • plasmonics,
  • polaritons in solid state systems.
  • quantum communications,
  • quantum computing,
  • quantum simulators,
  • ultra-cold atoms and molecules

Randomly-generated numbers are a primary feature of cryptography. They comprise the keys that are used to keep one’s data confidential.  It’s sort of like a mathematical recipe for keeping a secret. Cryptography has the following main objectives:

  • Confidentiality: the information can’t be understood by anyone for whom it was not intended. 
  • Integrity: the information can’t be altered between the sender and intended receiver without the alteration being detected.
  • Non-repudiation: the sender of the information can’t deny at a later stage the intentions in the creation and/or transmission of the information.
  • Authentication: the sender and receiver can verify each other’s identity and both the destination and origination of the data.

With a sufficiently powerful computer, one could break the encryption on almost any coded message. If companies that manage data (almost all of them), they can harness quantum quirks to encode any message, rendering it unreadable to anyone but its intended recipient. This is the basic concept behind quantum encryption–a technology that will usher in a brave new era of truly secret, secure communication. 

We use information technology almost daily in both business and leisure today for such a wide variety of purposes. The entertainment industry will be able to protect its copyrights. Keeping your information secure will benefit YOU, and it will benefit security in government, business, and finance even more. 


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