Many people want natural pain relief options that won’t leave them feeling lightheaded. Over the last few years, one natural remedy surged in popularity and purity of cannabis gummy bears.

Cannabis went from a taboo topic to something people rely on to help with pain and anxiety. The boost came from the government relaxing the rules on hemp-based cannabis products. About 14% of Americans now use hemp-derived CBD products.

Do you know what is the proper dosage of CBD gummies? Keep reading to know the official guide of CBD gummies dosages.

How Strong are Cannabis Gummy Bears?

Almost half of those who use cannabis products prefer edibles. The rich buttery flavors mask the bitter cooking with CBD oil. Health-conscious customers rely on cannabis gummy bears for their CBD dosage.

Are you trying cannabis gummies for the first time? Use this guide to make sure you take the right dose for your needs.

How Do Cannabis Gummies Work?

First-time cannabis users believe the only way to unlock its benefits is by smoking it. The chemicals in cannabis, cannabinoids, aren’t picky about how you consume them, though. It all ends up in your bloodstream, anyway.

Eating cannabis gummy bears slowly releases CBD into your system. Once the cannabinoids go through your stomach, they hit your bloodstream. From there, they seek out endocannabinoid receptors.

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) regulates functions throughout your body. It uses cannabinoids to relay messages to your cells. The ECS controls everything from joint swelling to trouble sleeping.

Cannabis Candy Dosage Guide

The way your body processes edible gummies, or indeed any edible, can make finding the right dose tricky. To know how much you need to take, you need to understand bioavailability. Bioavailability shows the percentage of cannabinoids in your bloodstream after taking it.

The less your body needs to do to break down the cannabis, the better bioavailability. After going through the digestive process, cannabis gummies have less than 10% bioavailability.

Regular Dose for CBD

Keeping that in mind, a regular dose for CBD is 5-20 mg. If your cannabis gummy bear is 10 mg per serving, you’ll only absorb about two mg. It might take two gummies for you to feel any effects.

Start with a dose that will leave about five mg of cannabinoids in your system. Give it at least 90 minutes to take effect. If you don’t feel anything, take another dose.

Tips for Finding Safe, Reliable Cannabis Candy

To get your money’s worth from your cannabis gummy bears, buy quality items. Many cannabis shops online are in it to make money, not help people.

Look for shops that are honest about their process. Check their website for production details. Companies like OTC Candy produce custom cannabis candy in a sterile setting.

Don’t forget to look for lab results for each cannabis product you buy. The lab tests show the percentage of each cannabinoid. They also provide information about any mold or contaminants in cannabis.

Ready to Add Cannabis Gummies to Your Health Routine?

Embrace a natural pain remedy today and pick up some cannabis gummy bears. The bite-sized treats make taking your cannabis dose delicious. They’re a discreet alternative to messy cannabis tinctures.

Before adding cannabis to your health routine, talk to your doctor. Cannabinoids like CBD change your liver function. These changes can make slow-dose medications not work right.

Searching for other natural remedies to keep your family happy? Visit our cannabis section for helpful articles.

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