You will need a personal injury lawyer in the advent you need to bring a case against someone for injuries they may have caused you. They might also represent you in a defense against someone who brings a similar case against you. Consequently, choosing a personal injury lawyer whom you can afford and with whom you feel comfortable is decision that should be made with the utmost care. You’ll need to act early since many states have a statute of limitations time frame in which the suit must be brought, so a personal injury lawyer will also help you comply with the timelines of your state. 

Step One: Understand exactly why you need a personal injury lawyer. You will want an attorney who specializes in personal injury law because they have negotiation experience in this area of law, have more experience with medical diagoses, etc., trial experience, and an in-depth understanding of torts and negligence law related to personal injuries. 

Step Two: Use the following list of factors that go into choosing a qualified personal injury lawyer. 

  1. Find a lawyer licensed in your state.
  2. Find an attorney who specializes in personal injury.
  3. Screen for any disciplinary action against the attorney or firm you’re considering.
  4. Examine the years of trial experience–the more the better. 
  5. Seek a lawyer with a positive reputation in your community. 
  6. Seek an attorney with a winning record. 

Step 3: Ask for referrals from friends, family, and coworkers. Usually, attorneys with a positive reputation are also the most trustworthy. Remember, you’ll still need to conduct the checklist in step 2 to be sure you’ve found a good personal injury lawyer

Step 4: Use the internet to screen potential candidates. Try a simple Google search and see what find. You should do this in combination with the other steps to get the best results. Use as many keywords as you can to get the best search results. You can get a good feel for a lawyer and firm by studying their website. 

Step 5: Use specific web services to search for a personal injury lawyer.  There are sites designed with the sole purpose of linking you to a good attorney. Be careful, however, because many are simply paid advertisements.  Try using with ranks lawyers according to their success and quality. You can also use findlaw, but be sure to use to verify the qualtify of the firm or attorney. 

You can also use the old fashioned phone call to screen for the feeling you get when talking to the reception and office manager and by asking them good questions using the information above. Finally, make a list of the lawyers with whom you’ve been the most satisfied, and trust your instincts about the “relationship” you feel with them. That will be critical over the long haul as you work together on your case. 

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