If you’ve been wondering how to do vape tricks, it’s a lot easier than you think! Vape tricks are the updated version of the old cigarette and cigar smoke rings but with vaping, you’re working with a thicker substance so you can create bigger and better vape smoke tricks.

If you are looking for some easy vape tricks that will produce jaw-dropping results of how to do vape tricks, here are seven vape tricks anyone can master.

How to Do Vape Tricks?

Before you get started, here are a few tips to make your vape tricks easy and fun:

  • Choose a high VG juice because they are designed to make larger and more impressive vapor clouds
  • Use a juice without nicotine so you won’t get dizzy, like a CBD vape
  • Practice in a room without much airflow so your vape doesn’t disappear in the wind

Easy Vape Tricks

Once you have implemented these vape smoke tips, you are ready to get started.

how to do vape tricks
Vape Smoke Tricks

1. The Waterfall

The waterfall is an example of how to do waterfall vape trick. With this trick, you will pour a waterfall of vape out of different types of CBD bottle .

To do this trick:

  • Take a bottle of water and fill it with about 1 inch of water
  • Put the bottle in the freezer until the water is frozen
  • Remove the bottle from the freezer
  • Take a large hit
  • Exhale the vape into the bottle
  • Gently tip the bottle on to the side and “pour” the waterfall vape trick on a flat surface

This trick works because the vapor condenses and sinks when you put it in the frozen water bottle, making it easy to pour out on the flat surface.

2. Blowing Vape Bubbles

Remember blowing soap bubbles as a kid? Blowing vape bubbles is the grown-up version of that trick and it is just as fun as you remember.

How to Do Vape Tricks Like This?

  • Cut off the top ⅓ of the water bottle
  • Add dish soap and a small amount of water to a bowl, keeping the consistency of a bubble solution
  • Dip the bottom of the bottle into the solution and take a big hit
  • Bring the bottle up to your lips and slowly blow the vapor into the bottle
  • Once you have a good-sized bubble, gently wave the bottle around to release the bubble

You can supercharge this trick by using a large soda bottle to create even bigger bubbles.

3. The Ghost Inhale

With this vape smoke tricks, you will blow out a large, mushroom-shaped cloud and waterfall vape trick quickly inhale it back in, causing it to disappear, like a ghost.

To do this trick:

  • Take a large hit
  • Hold the vapor in your mouth for a few seconds to let it condense
  • Keeping your mouth closed, use your cheeks and tongue to suck the vapor into a single, dense cloud right in back of your lips
  • Tilt your head backward and exhale the cloud of vapor
  • Quickly tilt your head forward and inhale the cloud back into your mouth

The ghost inhale is probably one of the easiest tricks to learn and is also the foundation for other tricks so practice this one until you can perform it perfectly.

4. The Tornado

For this vape smoke tricks, you will create a large cloud of vapor and swirl it with your hands to create a tornado.

How to Do Vape Tricks Like This?

  • Stand or sit in front of a table
  • Take a large hit
  • Lean over until your mouth is almost touching the surface of the table
  • Slowly exhale the vapor, staying as close to the table as possible so the cloud of vapor you exhale is thick and dense (you can also exhale through an empty toilet paper roll)
  • Once you have exhaled all of the vapor, lean back and place your hand in the middle of the vapor
  • Quickly raise your hand in an upwards chopping motion and then make a twisting motion

Once you have lifted and twisted the vapor, it will begin to take shape and you will see the tornado twister form.

5. The Vape Heart

For this waterfall vape trick, you will create a vape with the CBD tincture benefits that heart and “push” it to someone who is nearby.

To do this trick:

  • Take a big hit
  • Keep your lips closed so the vapor doesn’t escape and lower your jaw to expand the amount of room in your mouth.
  • Clench your lips together and make a large “O”
  • Hold this position without puffing your cheeks or exhaling
  • Curl the tip of your tongue and push it to the back of your mouth
  • Flick your tongue forward, running the tip along the top of your mouth
  • Exhale gently and snap your fingers at the top of the vapor ring to create a heart
  • Gently push the air behind the heart (don’t put your hand in the vapor) towards the person you are trying to impress

You can supercharge this waterfall vape trick by using sweet-smelling vape tricks easy juice.

6. Blowing O’s

With this trick, you will create rings of O’s when you exhale the vapor.

How to Do Vape Tricks Like This?

  • Take a small-medium hit and hold the vapor at the back of your throat
  • Rest your tongue at the bottom of your mouth
  • Push your tongue as far back as possible
  • Make an O shape with your mouth while pursing your lips inward
  • Open your mouth, and lightly cough to release an O shape of vape

As you advance with this trick, you’ll be able to create longer streams of O’s and change the size and shapes of the O’s.

7. French Inhale

With this easy vape tricks, you will exhale vapor and inhale it through your nose, creating a cool and vape tricks easy, reverse waterfall.

To do this trick:

  • Take a large hit
  • Hold the vapor in your mouth for a few seconds to let it condense
  • Slowly exhale by extending your jaw and opening your mouth
  • Inhale through your nose

Similar to the ghost inhale, this trick is easy to learn and execute but is impressive to everyone in the room.

Easy Vape Tricks: The Bottom Line

How to do vape tricks? Got it? By practicing these easy vape tricks, you’ll be a vape trick pro in no time!

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