Anyone who has ever suffered from back pain knows how debilitating it can be. Suffering a back injury is no joke, that’s for sure! what is the best medicine for lower back pain? And how to recover back injury?

How to Recover Back Injury

The problem is that it can sometimes be quite easy to pull or tear a muscle in your back or trap a nerve. From lifting heavy objects to bending over to put your shoes on, it is something that can come out of nowhere. 

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What is The Best Medicine for Lower Back Pain?

The key thing for many with this sort of injury is recovering quickly. As back pain can seriously limit what it is possible to do in your daily life, being able to bounce back fast is key.

This will not only mean you can go into work as normal but also to look after your family too. If you need a few effective ways to recover from a back injury quickly, the below should help. Get the effective ways on how to recover back injury from here.

1. Wear Compression Clothing to Aid Recovery 

You will have seen compression wear worn by athletes on television, but this is not all it is useful for. Compression wear can be worn as an everyday item of clothing, underneath your usual clothes. If you want to recover from your back injury quickly, it is a great option for what is the best medicine for lower back pain.

Compression wear will also aid blood flow to the injured area and also avoid you straining it again. Tommie Copper are a great brand to use here and have a good range of compression wear specifically for back pain – check out their Tommie Copper feed for further details. 

2. Use Ice and/or Heat 

Ice and heat are a great tip to get healthier, faster. Ice helps to deal with any inflammation the injury to your back is causing and is a good idea right after you have sustained it. Heat should be done a few days after if needed so it does not add to any immediate inflammation. Using heat is good for dealing with muscle spasms and relieving tightness in muscles.

Just remember to wrap the ice you use in a towel first before applying it to skin.  The same is true for using heat on your back – a heat pack should always be wrapped in a towel first, so it does not burn your skin. 

3. Make Sure to Get Some Rest

A good idea for recovering from your back injury is to avoid putting too much stress on it during daily life. If your back is particularly bad, this may involve taking time off work or your usual responsibilities to rest it properly. Taking time to do this will give the injured muscles chance to recover and avoid making the initial injury any worse.

One word of warning here though – it is usually not a good idea to be totally immobile for any sustained period of time. This can actually see the muscles in your back seize up altogether. Instead, try to move about a little if you can but avoid any movements that will unduly strain it again.

4. Get Professional Help 

If you have rested your injured back and still find it painful, then you may need professional help. Many people will use a chiropractor or physiotherapist to help them out here. A chiropractor will gently realign your spine and adopt a hands-on approach to help ease back pain.

A physiotherapist on the other hand will help you recover through a series of specially designed exercises. If you find your back pain persistent then it could be a good idea to seek out assistance from one of these professions. Of course, you may also simply visit your family Doctor for them to examine you and give advice on how you can recover quickly. 

5. Change up How You Sleep

The quality of your sleep can have a big impact on your recovery. One good tip is to buy a new mattress which will give you extra support and stability when resting. Some people will also sleep with a pillow between their legs. This has been reported to reduce the stress on your back when asleep to help you get back to optimum health. 

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The gentle compression and support it will provide to your injured back will help it get better faster.

6. Don’t Let Back Pain Hold you Back 

If you are currently suffering from back pain, finding ways to get over it quickly is a must. This will ensure your working life is not unduly affected and you do not miss out on valuable pay.

It will also mean you can continue with normal family life and play any sports you would normally do in your spare time. The above tips are the ideal way to do this and should help you make back pain a distant memory.

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