Did your sliding door break down? Most often the cause of the failure can be corrected by yourself. Fix the sliding door under the authority of a person with absolutely no experience and knowledge in the furniture industry. If you don’t find the decision for your issue, then we will make your sliding patio doors “Slide Like New”

Difficult movement of the lower support doors.

The main reason why people go to the repair shops is poor door operation.

As a rule, if the lower guide rail is not cleaned for an extended period of time, where dust and dirt clog into the grooves, the sliding of the doors becomes more difficult. Also, due to the increased friction of the lower roller in the clogged guide rail, the service life of the lower roller is reduced.

How to fix it? Vacuum and clean the bottom guide grooves.

If the problem persists, it is likely that the lower roller will wear out. This problem can also be solved. Rollers for popular sliding systems are sold in almost every furniture store, as this system is the most popular.

In order to replace the rollers first need to remove the door coupe. The aluminum door is removed as follows: first, the door is raised to pull the lower wheels out of the lower rails, then, by sliding the lower part on itself, the door is pulled out of the upper rails by moving downwards. This procedure should be done by two people because when the door is raised, the spring mechanism in the lower rollers pushes the wheel itself outwards, you need to hold it down.

In some cases, the lower wheels are equipped with locks, the tabs of which, clinging to the rail, preventing the door from falling out of the lower track. Turn it in advance, otherwise, the door will not be pulled out.

Steel sliding systems are almost always equipped with locks, which are on the mechanism with the wheel, the mechanism is visible from the back of the door. In various systems they are different: somewhere it is necessary to turn the lever, somewhere to move, but the essence from it does not change.

After pulling out the door, inspect the roller mechanism. In aluminum systems, the wheel is removed by turning the screw at the bottom of the door from the hexagon head. The screw holes are always hidden under a dust brush that can be easily peeled off. Typically, these are 2 screw holes: the top screw is designed to hold the vertical and horizontal frame together, and the bottom screw is used to adjust and remove the bottom roller. Unscrew the lower hexagon screw to remove the roller and also tighten to secure the new roller.

In steel systems, the roller mechanism is more difficult to remove because it also holds the horizontal and vertical door frames together. After loosening all the fixing screws, be careful not to spread the door frame and also tighten the new roller mechanism.

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