It’s hard to deal with knees or fingers that constantly bothers you even at rest. This is often a reality for many people who have joint conditions. The chronic pain you deal with never seems to go away.

While you may not be able to cure yourself of the condition itself, it is possible to prevent or eliminate symptoms like pain. There are joint pain remedies you can try to achieve this. If you would like to learn what alternative options you can do and how they can help, keep reading.

Alternate Ice and Heat Physical Therapy

It can make a huge difference to apply ice and heat to relieve issues with joint pain and its symptoms like swelling. When you have joint pain, you should apply ice first the first few days then apply heat after.

You want to apply ice first because it helps reduce the amount of swelling that brings about pain. You can ice the area up to 15 minutes several times a day up to 72 hours. After 72 hours, you want to use heat to soothe stiff joints and relax tense muscles by promoting vasodilation.


When you apply gentle stimulation as you massage, you can help reduce joint pain and stiffness. Its a great way to improve the range of motion in your joints as well..

As a note, you only want to massage the area during times you are not dealing with active flares. During this phase, joints are very sensitive and tender. It’s best to always listen to your body and know your pain limits to determine appropriate times to use this method.

Physical Therapy

It is possible to eae joint pain with physical therapy (PT). PT can help you regain a wider range of motion as you stabilize and strengthen weakened joints. You can work with a physical therapist at a location or you can complete sessions at home thanks to telemedicine.

Wearing assistive braces or splits to support your joints during these treatment sessions or after can help those experiencing joint pain. By transferring and balancing pressure points, you can minimize pain and relieve stress on the area, namely the lower extremities.


Acupuncture is a wonderful option to address joint pain. Small needles are inserted into the skin into specific areas (where you experience joint pain). These punctures help stimulate muscles, nerves, and connective tissue to improve blood flow.

The best effect you get with acupuncture is that it stimulates the body to activate and release endorphins, known as the body’s natural painkiller.


CBD oil is another method you can use to ease chronic pain conditions like joint pain. You can safely consume it taking it in either a pill or capsule form. CBD flower is legal for consumption as it is hemp-derived and contains less than 0.3% THC.


Supplements can help reduce joint pain. If you are on any medication, speak with your doctor before starting anything in order to prevent adverse interactions.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is rich in alpha-tocopherols and taking around 1,500 IU a day can reduce pain and morning stiffness. Regular consumption can also help increase grip strength for those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

Fish Oil

One study found that 90% living with arthritis who took fish oil has fewer enzymes that induce cartilage damage. On top of this, they had fewer enzymes responsible for causing pain.

Fish oil is also a great anti-inflammatory supplement. You can take around 300-1000mg a day.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin

The combination of these supplements offers extended pain relief for those suffering from joint pain. They can slow the overall degeneration of cartilage as well for those who take it regularly.

Keep in mind there are a few side effects to be aware of if you do take it (drowsiness, headaches, heartburn, heightened allergic reactions).

Dietary Changes

The foods you eat and eliminate can do wonders for your joint pain. The best dietary change you can do is add more cruciferous vegetables to your diet. Aim for at least half a cup each day.

Cruciferous vegetables are nutritional powerhouses because they are loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber. One antioxidant, sulforaphane, is particularly helpful for blocking the enzyme responsible for joint pain and inflammation.

Foods you should avoid include refined grains and sugar as eating them can increase the incidence of inflammation. The same goes for red meat like beef and pork.

Avoid omega-6 fatty acids by reducing the number of processed foods and modified oils (corn oil, vegetable oil, peanut oil). Overconsuming omega-6 fatty acids are known to promote inflammation which is the opposite of what you want.

Herbs such as ginger and Tumeric are excellent to sneak into any dish or beverage. Both are potent anti-inflammatory substances that can help prevent pain before it starts and ease current pain episodes. Keeping a healthy weight in combination with a good diet can help reduce pain more because removing excess weight reduces pressure on joints.

Joint Pain Remedies Can Help Control Pain Without Medicine

Those who have a joint condition are likely to suffer from pain and other symptoms every now and then. The chronic pain comes and goes even with the assistance of medication. Depending on medication is not the answer, especially because it does not offer 100% relief.

When you implement natural joint pain remedies, you can reduce the frequency and intensity of pain you get. Taking advantage of natural pain remedies can help offer tighter “around-the-clock” relief. Try any of these methods for yourself to help control pain a little better than before.

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