We stumbled out of hotel Le Fenix after swashbuckling rum like it was a genocide by the pool.  We were feeling pretty good about ourselves after a good morning workout and the poolside drinks.

However, the night was young and we were hungry for more.  Bangkok is bustling tonight and we want a piece of it.

The Bar Upstairs
Le Fenix

Around the corner from the hotel is a place called The Bar Upstairs.  It’s tucked away behind and above another bar with ivy leaves hiding its facade.  

What is Le Fenix and The Bar Upstairs?

You go up a couple of flights of stairs and you walk into a nice French restaurant/bar.  They have imported cheese and great wine. Great wine is not easy to find in Thailand and the prices can be outrages.

The Bar Upstairs
Le Fenix and The Bar Upstairs

However, at The Bar Upstairs, they work hard to keep import and wine costs down.   The French wine here is especially good and cheap (For Thailand). They also feature a mixologist with some pretty cool and unique drinks.  Not to mention Don Julio which is not always easy to find in Thailand.

What I Ordered?

My girl View and I ordered a nice bottle of Bordeaux and a couple of shots of Don Julio for good measure.

The Bar Upstairs
New Year Spectacular

A nice charcuterie or cheese plate will accompany your bottle of wine extremely well.  The service is great and the staff is kind.

The manager is a French girl who will make sure you are taken care of properly.  Some nights they have a house DJ which makes for a chilled out ambiance and great atmosphere, especially if you bring a date.

What Happen After Finish the Food?

When you are finished with the food and wine at The Bar Upstairs it’s time to hit Havana Social Club. “Havana” as I call it is just down the block from The Bar Upstairs and Le Fenix.  

You go down an alley that might seem a bit shady and has massage shops with girls out peddling their “services”. However, once you get to Havana.

To gain entrance though you need to type in a code into the payphone inside the phone booth, which is what you enter through. Just punch 1942 and you’re in. When you get inside you’ll feel like you might have landed in Cuba. There are several rooms that all have their own character. 

The Bar Upstairs
Cuban Themed

Which is the Basic Cuban Themed?

At the entrance, you are encouraged to put on a fedora style hat which is basically Cuban themed.  If you are in the mood to dance the DJ there is great for that. The staff is accommodating and the drinks are abundant.  There is even a cigar lounge with a bookcase of great literature.

The great thing about both these places is that you don’t have to get too dressed up.  Although you will see most of the guys who frequent these establishments dressed in business casual outfits.  And the ladies typically wear nice dresses. However, my girl and I opt for a more casual style wherever we go and it’s never a problem here or anywhere for that matter.

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