Do you wonder if your glamour muscles are more than just for show?

We all want those washing board abs and tight gluts, it’s why the fitness industry is so successful.

Get Detailed Glamour Muscles Facts for Body Building

But while a big chest and a nice butt might be important, your muscles are more than aesthetics.

Read on for 5 facts about your glamour muscles to learn more about them today workout equipment.

1. They Build in Your Sleep

See, catching those few extra Zs each night really is good for you. When you’re in the gym lifting weights you’re building up your muscle strength. But your muscles actually grow while you’re sleeping.

When you’re in your deep REM cycle, your muscles finally relax. This allows freer circulation of your blood. Hormones released during sleep also aid in the repair and restoration of tissue. They’re vital for the formation of new muscle tissue and growth.

2. There Are Three Types of Muscles

Glamour muscles are only 1 part of 1 muscle group. There are 3 muscle groups that make up your muscular system. We’ll go through them all below:

Skeletal Muscles

Skeletal muscles are the ones that drive the ladies wild (it’s true, you can read more at They’re the only voluntary muscle tissues in your body. They’re also what controls the movements you can consciously make.

Smooth Muscles

You may see smooth muscles also referred to as visceral ones. They’re found inside organs like your stomach or intestines, as well as in blood vessels. They’re called smooth muscles because they’re not banded like the other muscle groups.

Cardiac Muscles

As the name suggests, you only find these muscles in the heart. They’re an involuntary muscle that pumps blood through your heart and around the body.

3. They’re Made of Fibers

Muscle fibers formed of special cells make up your muscles. You cannot grow more muscle fibers, only increase the thickness and width of what you have.

Their main unique quality is how well they contract. This means your muscles get longer or shorter as and when you need them to. Almost all body movements happen because of your muscles expanding or contracting.

4. Muscles Can’t Push They Can Only Pull

When you push a door open, your muscles actually pull your shoulder and elbow towards the door. They cannot push, even if you’re pushing something. In fact, whatever you’re doing your muscles are always working.

To keep them in top condition, they need exercise. Even your heart needs to work out to keep it strong and healthy. This is why cardio exercises that get your heart pumping are vital.

As you age, your muscles lose mass. To slow this down, you can exercise with resistance and strength training. This will help keep your muscular system in peak condition for longer.

5. The Masseter is Your Strongest Muscle

You may think your glamour muscles you work out every day will be the strongest muscles you have. Wrong. Based on weight, the strongest muscles you have is your masseter.

When all your jaw muscles work together, you can close your mouth with a force of over 55 lbs (25 kg) on your incisors. For your molars, it’s over 200 lbs (90.7 kg). Now that’s strong!

Muscles Are More Than Just For Show

So there you have it! Now you know these five facts, you can see how your glamour muscles aren’t only for show. They’re actually part of a larger system that works to keep your body moving. Inside and out.

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