There are numerous medical escort companies that have as their purpose the following: accompany patients towards their sanitary destination and evacuate them via all available methods of transportation: ambulances, planes, helicopters and many more and in all types of territories, both inland but also abroad.

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Medical Escort Companies for Arial Transportation

The experience of the personnel and doctors that are part of these medical escort companies as well as their high-end equipment and material, ensure the optimal transportation of injured people and of people that are gravely ill.

Many companies offer transportation of patients with particularities in collaboration with their insurance companies and offer services in collaboration with embassies or with maritime companies.

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Why Choose a Medical Escort Company for an Aerial Evacuation?

There are many reasons for choosing a medical escort company if you ever found yourselves in a position of needing an aerial evacuation. Some of the most important are the following:

  • A coordination center that operates 24/7.
  • Immediate and secure transport through the air
  • Bed to bed services
  • A fleet of vehicles specifically designed and certified
  • Ultramodern equipment
  • Medical personnel and experimented and specialized nurse staff
  • Personnel trained and qualified that you can always count on.
  • A service that you can always count on 24/h.

Aerial sanitary evacuation

There are many companies that take care of the transport of patients escorted by doctors or nurses, through specially adapted planes or helicopters. You can simply telephone one of these companies anytime, anywhere and someone from their communication center will respond immediately.

They will evaluate the situation and respond accordingly while dispatching any news necessary to assist you and help you.

What Do they Do?

The medical escort company will, then, communicate with the hospital and/or the clinic where the patient will be hospitalized. All necessary documentation will be completed that will confirm that the patient is able to travel by plane while determining the special necessities for aerial transport (fit to fly documents).

Priority is always given to the safety, health and security of the patient and his/her transportation according to appropriate rules and specifications. Then, the sanitary evacuation will take place while at the same time being at constant communication with the treating doctor.

Bed to Bed Service

The ambulance will take care of the patient from his bed or his hospital bed or from the site of the accident to the destination site. This is a service that is called bed to bed that will guarantee the minimal discomfort and the maximum security for the entire duration of the patient transport.

This can be achieved through ultramodern planes and equipment. These planes are specifically designed for sanitary aerial evacuation and hold numerous certifications while being equipped with all the necessary equipment such as respirators, oxygen bottles and many more.

All this, combined with experimented and qualified personnel, will definitely make your medical emergency request go as smooth as possible.

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