MIRVASO is a provisional treatment approved by the FDA for facial redness. It is important to understand that: though Mirvaso has the potential to significantly reduce facial redness symptoms, it would not entirely cure facial redness. As a matter of fact, your facial redness is bound to gradually start creeping back once the effect of the Mirvaso starts wearing off. Take note, exposure to triggers of redness could easily make your symptoms worse hence avoid such triggers even if you might already be using Mirvaso. The good news is, any redness that creeps back should easily be taken care of using additional treatment particularly if you experience any manner of discomfort. In the event that the additional treatments are not effective to make sure you consult your doctor for medical advice.


Mirvaso has a variety of uses. Top of the list is being used to treat Rosacea. This is a rather widely known skin disorder. When used, Mirvaso specifically serves to narrow blood vessels which in turn reduces redness. Keep in mind the medication belongs to a class of drugs widely referred to as the alpha agonists.

How to use Mirvaso

Having made the decision to administer the medication, you should first off start by going through the patient information from the pharmacist prior to taking the first dose of the medication as well as every time you get a refill. In case you seek any form of clarifications or have any pressing questions concerning the use of the medication, make sure you ask the doctor or pharmacist.

Another important thing to note is the fact that: this medication is only meant for use on the skin. That being the case, avoid getting the medication into contact with your eyes, mouth, lips as well as areas around the vagina. In fact, make sure that medication never comes into contact with any area of broken skin. That includes exposed skin after laser treatment.

In addition to the above, make sure that you thoroughly wash your hands not only before but also after applying this medication. Also, make sure that you properly clean and dry the affected area before proceeding to apply the medication. In terms of application, restrict yourself to applying a pea-size amount of the medication onto the affected areas be it the chin, the nose, each cheek, the forehead, etc and then gently spread the medication over the affected area to achieve a thin layer as instructed by the doctor. Lastly, make sure you do this at least once every day.

It is strongly advised that you use this medication frequently since that is the only way you will be able to benefit the most from it. Just so you never forget to apply it, make it a point to always use it at the same time every day. In a bid to avert any possible side effects especially during the first few days after you start administering the medication simply start by applying only a small amount of the medication. As days go by, you can proceed to gradually scale up or increase the dosage but still following the doctor’s instructions carefully. All through the period, you are using the medication, make sure you engage your doctor, inform him if the medication is improving your condition or if it seems as if its doing the opposite.

Make sure that you keep the medication in a safe place to avoid any kind of misuse or accidental use by children. And in the event any child ends up swallowing the drug, make sure that they get medical help as soon as possible since children are more susceptible to experiencing serious side effects upon exposure to this medication.

According to reports, there isn’t any generic version of Mirvaso that has been approved. There are a few online pharmacies that may attempt to sell illegal Mirvaso generic versions. You should know that such medication is counterfeit hence extremely unsafe for use. In fact, in the event you have to shop for medication online, it is strongly advised that you do so from a well-established, valid and reputable online vendor. Feel free to ask your health care provider for guidance in the event you seem unsure about the online purchase for any medication.

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