Due to the bad ecology all over the world, the incidence of different types of oncology is increasing every year. In addition, the reason for this is that not all countries have modern equipment to diagnose cancer at the early stages. This is why the medical tourism industry is developing so rapidly.

Thanks to medical tourism, you can undergo cancer diagnostics or treatment in any clinic in the world. One of the leading countries that successfully diagnose and treat stage 4 lung cancer is Germany. All hospitals in Germany are equipped with the latest technology, which makes it possible to successfully perform dozens of operations a day.

Reasons to choose Germany

Today, health care in Germany is at the highest level. Moreover, Germany has a number of advantages, which make it extremely popular among patients from all over the world.

  • Most of the success of German hospitals is due to the availability of the most advanced equipment for diagnosis making and treatment. In addition, every doctor regularly has advanced training courses, studying modern methods of cancer treatment.
  • In all clinics, experienced medical personnel will provide round-the-clock care of your health. All clinics have the most modern wards with everything necessary to ensure that your treatment will be carried out with maximum comfort.
  • It is impossible not to mention the fact that prices for treatment in German clinics are significantly lower in comparison with other European countries, while the services provided are at the highest level.

Risk factors

The main risk factor for lung cancer is the inhalation of harmful substances that contribute to the development of malignant cells. About 85% of all cases are due to smoking, namely, the heavy metals contained in cigarettes. The more people smoke, the higher the chances of developing lung cancer.

Smoking is the main cause of the disease, but not the only one. Air pollution has also presented a serious cancer risk factor during the last decades. It is considered that in regions with increased emission of harmful substances into the air patients diagnosed with cancer are found 5 times more often compared to the environmentally clean areas.

There are also risk factors:

  • Prolonged contact with heavy metals.
  • Exposure to high doses of radiation.
  • Chronic diseases of the respiratory system: pneumonia, bronchitis or tuberculosis.
  • Hereditary predisposition.
  • Prolonged severe stress.


Hospitals in Germany use only the most modern technologies and innovative equipment to diagnose cancer at its earliest stages. The diagnosis of lung cancer is made by the attending physician after a comprehensive examination. Therefore, the earlier lung cancer is detected and treatment is started, the higher is the chance to prolong the life of the patient.

The modern complex of lung cancer screening includes:

  • CT of the chest organs.
  • Bronchoscopy.
  • Ultrasound examination of the abdominal organs.
  • Sputum cytological tests.
  • Pleural puncture.


Treatment of patients with lung cancer in Germany includes a combination of the state-of-art methods of treatment: surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy. The choice of method depends on many factors, such as the stage of the disease and the localization of the tumor.

For lung cancer of stage IV, the procedures are mainly palliative. The early onset of supportive and symptomatic therapy increases life expectancy and improves the patient’s condition.

The treatment of lung cancer may be carried out using a stereotactic system CyberKnife. According to statistics, the use of radiosurgical technology can successfully fight metastases and primary tumors, which leads to a significant improvement in the patient’s condition and gives lung cancer patients a high chance to prolong life.

The best choice for lung cancer treatment

There are many countries for treatment, but the leader among them is still Germany. This is confirmed by the statistics of successful treatment in recent years. In order to receive treatment for stage 4 lung cancer in Germany, you no longer need to spend a lot of time on choosing a clinic.

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