Let’s face it California can be a pretty crazy place.  There are all types of weird people in and around California.  From the eccentric to the outright insane. Along with the people the state of California has some pretty weird laws too.  Here is a list of some that you’ve probably never heard of or even understand.

SB-1221 Mammals

It is illegal to allow your dog to pursue a bobcat or bear in the state of California.  There uses to be an exception made for hunting but not anymore.


You can only legally throw a frisbee on the beach in Los Angeles County with the permission of a lifeguard.

Mating Animals

Animals cannot mate within 1,500 feet of a school, tavern, or place of worship.


You cannot shoot any game from a vehicle that is in motion unless the target happens to be a whale.

Driverless Vehicle

If a vehicle doesn’t have a driver it cannot go past 60 miles per hour, or that’s considered illegal in the state of California.  

Biking in the Pool

In the city of Baldwin Park, you are not allowed to ride a bicycle in a swimming pool.

Batter Up

In Burlingame, Ca you can’t spit anywhere except on a baseball field.  

In Blythe which is near the California/Arizona border, you cannot wear cowboy boots unless you own two or more cows.  

In Carmel, a man is not allowed to go out of the house while wearing a jacket and pants which don’t match.  Women can’t wear high heels inside city limits. And until Clint Eastwood became mayor you couldn’t eat ice cream and stand on the sidewalk.

It’s no wonder why people think Californians are crazy and weird.


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