Do you love cooking, and do you love the way that using CBD oil makes you feel? If so, why not combine your two loves by cooking with CBD oil?

Recent surveys have shown that about 15% of Americans are using CBD oil these days. And while not all of them have tried cooking with cannabis, at least some of them have introduced their love for CBD oil into the kitchen.

Rules you Should Follow When Cooking With CBD Oil

There are all kinds of great CBD oil recipes that you can put to the test. But before you do it, you should make sure that you know how to cook with cannabis.

You’re not going to be able to enjoy all of the benefits of using CBD oil if you don’t use it right when you cook. Check out five rules you should always follow when trying to get access to the CBD oil effects through your cooking.

1. Buy CBD Oil to Use Specifically for Cooking

When you first decide that you’re going to try cooking with CBD oil, you might be tempted to break out your regular CBD oil and start incorporating it into different recipes. This is not the best approach to take.

Since some CBD oils can be on the pricier side, you should find a less expensive CBD oil to experiment with in the kitchen, at least at first. This will prevent you from wasting the good stuff in a meal that doesn’t turn out.

You should also be sure that you’re using just the right amount of CBD oil when cooking with it. Figure out the right CBD dose for anxiety or for whatever else you’re taking CBD oil.

2. Avoid Exposing CBD Oil to Too Much Heat

If you’re going to take the time to add CBD oil to meals, you want to make the most of it. You don’t want half of it to burn off while you’re cooking with it.

For this reason, you should try not to expose CBD oil to too much heat when you’re using to cook. You’re going to have to expose it to a little bit of heat, but you don’t want to go too overboard.

If you end up overcooking a meal, you could burn off a lot of the CBD oil that you added to it. You should set timers and pay close attention to whatever it is that you’re cooking so that you’re able to enjoy.

3. Choose CBD Oil Recipes That Contain Healthy Fats

CBD oil is fat-soluble. That means that it’s going to provide you with the best possible results when you pair it up with foods that contain fats.

You don’t necessarily need to choose foods that contain a lot of bad fats, especially if you’re trying to eliminate them from your diet. But if you can find foods that have healthy fats in them to use in your CBD oil recipes, then by all means use them early and often.

These healthy fats will work wonders for you by making CBD oil more effective than it would be otherwise. Your body won’t have any trouble absorbing CBD oil thanks to the healthy fats that are present in your meals.

4. Practice Patience When Waiting for the CBD Oil Effects After Cooking With It

A lot of the people who use CBD oil these days take it sublingually. This involves sticking a few drops of CBD oil under their tongues and holding them there for a little while.

People use CBD oil in this way because it’s known to produce fast results for them. They’re able to feel the CBD oil working within just a few minutes in most cases.

Time Before Reaching your Bloodstream

When cooking with CBD oil, you aren’t going to get these same types of results. In fact, you might have to wait much, much longer for the CBD oil to kick in and do its job. It’ll have to work its way through your system a little at a time before reaching your bloodstream and producing the intended results.

It’s important for you to be patient after cooking with CBD oil. You’ll eventually feel the CBD oil working, but it could take you an hour or maybe even more for it to happen.

5. Experiment With Your CBD Oil in the Kitchen as Much as You Want

Cooking with CBD oil is still a new thing. There aren’t a whole bunch of people who have gotten around to doing it yet, which is why the rules for using CBD oil while cooking are still being written.

You can help to write some of these rules by experimenting with CBD oil in your kitchen as much as you want. You can try adding CBD oil to everything from salads to meals to desserts. You can even add some CBD oil to different kinds of drinks to experience its effects in that way.

Buy a Bottle of CBD Oil

As long as you can afford to buy a bottle of CBD oil for the kitchen every now and then, you should feel free to spread your wings and use it while cooking whenever you want.

You never know what kind of great recipe you’re going to manage to come up with when you get creative in your kitchen with CBD oil.

Cooking With CBD Oil Is a Great Way to Fall in Love With It Even More

If you’re considering cooking with CBD oil, you’ve probably already enjoyed all the benefits of using it in other ways. Cooking with it will give you yet another reason to love it.

Just make sure that you have some idea of what you’re doing before you get started. By following the rules that we’ve laid out here, you’ll ensure that you have an absolute blast while cooking with CBD oil.

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