Many Americans who suffer from conditions like stuttering and anxiety fear that they will never be able to manage – let alone treat – these conditions. Fortunately, treatment is possible and can even be done in the form of self-cures. Self-cures empower the individual to take charge of their own treatment. Below, you will find some of the most popular and effective self-cures for stuttering and anxiety.

Let’s Dig In


Millions of Americans turn to meditation to treat anxiety and stuttering. Meditation is one of the simplest and most effective stuttering & anxiety self-cures. For those who suffer from anxiety, meditation has several benefits:

  • It can regulate heart-rate and blood pressure
  • It can eliminate stress
  • It allows the practitioner to focus on positive thoughts

Anxiety can increase blood pressure and heart rate, sometimes to dangerous levels. Successful meditation will bring those vital numbers back down. It will also eliminate the stress that causes (and is caused by) anxiety. For many stutterers, stuttering and anxiety go hand-in-hand: anxiety can worsen stuttering, which in turn increases anxiety. Meditation is one way to help break this cycle.


As in all aspects of life, education is key. Anyone looking for stuttering & anxiety self-cures should educate themselves about causes and treatment. People who stutter cope with stigmatization and discrimination. If you suffer from anxiety/stuttering, finding the right resources will benefit you greatly. There are even several companies that are devoted to helping people overcome anxiety and stuttering. These companies will empower you to pursue successful self-cures.


When it comes to stuttering, the old saying, “Practice makes perfect” certainly applies. Practice speaking slowly and enunciate clearly. Practice breathing properly while speaking. You could even practice reading out loud or reciting poems/monologues. These can all be effective ways to improve stuttering. Many stutterers report that speaking in unison with someone else increases their fluency. With this in mind, try talking along with a recording. By doing these exercises in the comfort of your home, you can increase fluency and build confidence in a safe, stress-free environment.


This one often surprises people. In fact, you might be thinking, “How could you possibly list exercise among stuttering & anxiety self-cures? The truth is that exercise can reduce anxiety, and stuttering, in many ways. For one, exercise – like meditation – is a natural destresser. When you exercise, you are not only burning fat; you are burning off all the stress that has built up inside you. This release has a calming, centering effect. Exercise releases natural chemicals, called endorphins, which improve your mood and better equip you to deal with issues like anxiety and stuttering. Additionally, improving your physical fitness will improve your confidence, which always helps with issues like anxiety and stuttering.


This may sound like the easiest self-cure, but for many people, it is the hardest. Getting enough sleep – and establishing a consistent sleep schedule – can be a tall order for busy adults. However, doing so is of the utmost importance, which is why some may look to a natural supplement to help clear their minds and get ready for bed at night. One such supplement is kava, and you can find out more about it over on and see if this could be a viable option for you and your lifestyle. Fatigue tends to exacerbate stuttering and a lack of consistent sleep can greatly increase anxiety, so you must get your sleep under control.

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