So who would be crazy enough to marry a maniac rocker like this guy Motor City Madman, the person who gives his middle finger to most anything or anyone that trips his trigger loving fingers? Enter Shemane Deziel Nugent, his smokin’ hot 50-something wife. 

In Nugent’s power-charged world in the gritty and unforgiving rock industry also moves a highly successful woman who shares his passion and who rocks his world. Shemane Deziel is a woman on a different kind of mission.

She couldn’t be more different than her larger-than-life husband from outward appearances. He, the heavy metal rocker and she, the health guru and fitness expert. Maybe that’s what’s made their marriage work since 1984.

Shemane Deziel Nugent: Ted’s Happy Place

She holds a BA in radio/TV/ film, and an MA in metaphysics (yes, you read that correctly), has worked as botha  TV host and producer, appeared on numerous other shows as a guest including Entertainment Tonight, Vh1, MTV, CMT, and the Discovery, FOX and Outdoor channels, among others. She accomplished all this as a wife, mother and “doggy mommy.” 

She’s soulful. She’s smart. She’s beautiful. She’s talented. And she’s successful in her own right. She’s made Ted a better man, and he’ll tell you that. 

Charlton Heston mused about the contrast between the breezy sunshine of the subtle Shemane Deziel and the bodaciousness that is Ted Nugent.

Tests of Character of Successful People

Heston described their journey as a union “born of the tests of character between two successful people. As I’ve stated before, Ted is one of the good guys, and Shemane has made him better.” 

So what does the more cerebral Shemane Deziel Nugent make of her husband’s, shall we say, less-than-subtle personality?

In her book, Married to a Rock Star, Shemane Nugent chronicles the roller coaster challenges of her life being married to one of rock ‘n’ roll’s most legendary guitarists. Ted describes her next book, 4 Minutes a Day, Rock ‘n Roll Your Way to Happy  this way “The woman understands it everyday. Life’s sweetness and joy boils down to individual decisions.

Shemane in every Angle in her Higher level of Awareness

In this shook up world we should be reminded of the simple, little things that bring good health and complete us. This is nailed by Shemane in every angle in her higher level of awareness that is identified by various ingredients. She understands this very well and that’s why she’s living it.” Ted should know. 

In Nugent’s power-charged world in the gritty and unforgiving rock industry also moves a highly successful woman who shares his passion and who rocks his world. Shemane Deziel is a woman on a different kind of mission. She couldn’t be more different than her larger-than-life husband from outward appearances. He the heavy metal rocker and she the health guru and fitness expert.

Their Marriage Work

Maybe that’s what’s made their marriage work since 1984. She holds a BA in radio/TV/ film, and MA in metaphysics (yes, you read that correctly), has worked as botha  TV host and producer, appeared on numerous other shows as a guest including Entertainment Tonight, Vh1, MTV, CMT, and the Discovery, FOX and Outdoor channels, among others. She accomplished all this as a mom, wife, and doggy mommy. 

She’s dealt with the ups and downs of the roller coaster life she’s shared with Ted through the wisdom and healthy habits she’s refined through her career in health and wellness. She seeks happy places, Her latest Instagram photo shows the couple, looking handsome, happy, and with their two golden retrievers and german shepherd at sunset.

It’s obvious she uses all the healthy work\out habits she’s refined over the years. Would that we all would look so great at   She calls the beach her “happy place” and enjoys the outdoors as much as her outdoorsy hubby. 

On her Healthy Living  blog, Shemane Nugent introduces herself like this. “I’m an author, blogger, podcaster and a TV host with 40 years of experience as a fitness instructor.” She travelled worldwide as she worked extensively with Zumba® creator Beto Perez to develop a Zumba presenter and Jammer. There, she video blogs about issues such as Women’s Empowerment, Food Safety, and inspires others with her story to Turn Their Passion into Profits. 

In 2012, she chronicled her horrifying and nearly fatal ordeal with deadly mold she discovered in her Killer House. 

“I hadn’t had a good night’s sleep for ages and neither did my husband Ted. We kept on tossing and turning. Usually, I anxiously wake up feeling tired from lack of sleep as the sun rises and the blasted alarm makes it even worse by ringing me out of my subconsciousness. My head aches even harder and it felt like it was going to explode. I was a hospital guest on several occasions a year. I later realised that it was our house that was causing the migraines every night as I went to bed. 

I was a health and fitness freak, since I was a teenager and in every sport I got over 100 medals, ribbons, and trophies; from motor racing to swimming. My motivation was the scary Jane Fonda-type exercise videos, with a thong leotard, big hair, and leg warmers. I thought I’d known when there was something wrong with my body, my health. 

This prompted me to research the symptoms Ted, our son Rocco, and I knew. It was as difficult as putting a puzzle that had no starting piece together. On the contrary, I slept better when travelling than back at home. That was the red flag clue. What on earth was causing us insomnia in the house? 

I had to cover my head fearing the microorganisms that was spreading in the air and slowly killing us.”

Her Rocker Husband Ted Nugent Shared

She had, indeed, found deadly black mold between the walls of the home she shared with her rocker husband Ted Nugent and their son, Rocco.  In fact, in 2003 specialists had identified FOUR different types of mold in her bloodstream and she was even diagnosed with pre-emphysema. Now, Shemane Nugent, healthy lifestyle expert works hard to educate the public about the Mold and Other Toxins that could be hurting us. 

She’s re-dedicated her life to healing her family with natural, alternative remedies and sharing all of them with others. Her online health programs, books, podcasts, and social media provide a natural platform for her. She’s made a career in her own right, sharing the knowledge and wisdom she’s gained along the way.  

Shemane Nugent credits her “recovery to the grace of God.”  She doesn’t talk like her famous husband. But she showed that her grit’s equal to the tenacity that brought Ted to stardom. 

As Shemane Nugent closes her welcome at her website, Get Happier and Healthy Today, “I gained from having a life-threatening illness by the grace of God to be able to recover.” Now she’s paying it forward. Meanwhile, Ted is currently on his Danger Zone tour, rocking folks across the country.

Shemane Deziel is a fitness instructor, bestselling author, television producer, and host. She is also an experienced health and fitness aficionado, as well as a mother and devoted wife. Deziel shares her experiences through various platforms including blogs, and through the podcast show.

As the wife of a well-known instrumentalist and singer, Shemane assisted her husband to thrive in his profession while caring for her home front. Shemane Nugent is deeply engaged in charity ventures and finds pleasure working for and with war veterans.

She helps the war veterans integrate into society and to live sensible lives after war experiences. Shemane Deziel defines the average blue-eyed blonde stereotype. An intelligent woman she is; she holds a Master’s degree to her name.

She is undeniably beauty personified and epitome of brains.

About Shemane Deziel’s Husband Ted

When the Motor City Madman, Ted Nugent, rolls into town on his Danger Zone tour, he’s sure to bring the requisite shitload of guitar riffs and flaming arrows with him. No doubt Ted Nugent is a legendary guitarist and would probably be in his giant talent if it wasn’t for his, ahem, “trigger happy” mouth.

In a 1979 interview with Rolling Stones, Ted said, “Damn, I look good with guns,” as he sipped down one of his favourite bottle of chrome-plated Smith & Wesson .44. He never ceased to amaze his audience adding “The other day, I went to buy some handguns for Christmas!”

Said Nugent while leading Fred Schruers into a living room. The packed with wall-mounted bristle and bone lounge would keep a taxidermist busy for months. HIs fans already knew he was a skilled hunter with a bow and arrow, and now they knew how much he loved them guns. 

Shemane Deziel
Shemane Deziel, Ted Nugents wife discussing “Surviving Nugent” (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic)

Guns and Flaming Arrows

Later that same year, he gave a controversial High Times interview that described how he “shit his pants” and snorted crystal meth to avoid the Vietnam draft. Hilarious read, by the way. Later, he confessed that it was nothing more than a run-of-the-mill education deferment that got him out of shooting range in Vietnam.

The interview caused him problems later in life when he began to speak out about politics in his usual shock-jock way.  When he began to bat heads with Hollywood reporters and other anti-gun acvitists, they dredged up the interview portrayed him as the artful draft dodger. He later maintained that he made up the “artful dodger” story to shock the High Times reporter. 

Shemane Deziel
Shemane Nugent Shooting

As to crystal meth, Nugent is also well known for shunning the drugs that plagued so many 60s and 70s rockers and speaking out about the dangers of drugs that ruined the careers of so many of his rock buddies. 

With his usual chatter, Nugent advocated for guns for all as he passed homeland security NRA meeting in 2012 in St. Louis. Wanting to inspire his fellow heat-packers to oust Obama from the office, Nugent vowed to be either dead or in jail if Obama was re-elected. You could see from his gesture that he meant business. Of course it came to pass that Obama was re-elected, but this didn’t dampen his spirit as he extolled the Nuge’s virtues on Trump’s campaign trail.

Ted Nugent’s Legendary Music

Politics aside, Slayer and Exodus guitarist Gary Holt, had this to say about the legendary rocker. “As a kid, he was bigger than life to me.Before I started playing, Ted Nugent looked 9 feet to me as he played ‘Cat Scratch Fever.”

Nugent claimed to be the Great White Buffalo playing an American-made Gibson guitar that can blow your head clean in 100 pieces! When taken together, both quotes sum up Ted Nugent’s music and outsized personality! 

This live performance of Uncle Ted’s mind-bending finger play in Great White Buffalo proved early that he had the outsized talent to match his outsized personality. Stranglehold, his 8-minute classic anthem where he masterfully builds suspense slowly into a head banging guitar riff that remains primo stuff today. His ode to STD’s megahit, Cat Scratch Fever, is full of Ted’s animal spirits and, ahem, plenty of not-so-subtle sexual innuendo.

I was just ten years old

When I first got it

From a some kitty next door

I got a cure from the Doctor

And I got  some more

They give me cat scratch fever

Cat scratch fever……..

You get the idea cuz the lyrics get less insinuendo from there. 

By going back to 1974, he described his longtime friendship with legendary rocker Sammy Hagar. Nugent described the rock and roll roots as rising from “the same black gods of rhythm and musical geniuses. This catalog isn’t complete without Foreigner, Montrose, Cheap Trick,  ZZ Top, Van Halen, and Journey band; that make great music, moving the black heroes who propel our lives. These icons invented the sexy, emotional, grinding, fiery, and soulful music. 

Of course, with the colorful verbiage Nugent prefers, he’s no stranger to controversy. Some call his behavior repellent

Shemane Deziel
Shemane Nugent – Ted’s Wife – Cooking

Ted Nugent’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Snub

There’s no doubt that when Nugent rolls into town, he’s sure to bring the requisite quiver of flaming arrows with him. He’s a legendary guitarist and would probably be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for his raw talent by now if it wasn’t for his, shall we pun, “trigger happy” mouth. Last year, he ignited a media firestorm when he denounced the Hall’s snub in the most Nugent way possible. He called it “sacrilege.” Many rockers agree. 

A Nugent on Nugent interview fascinates and shocks.  The madman doesn’t mince words and seems impatient with careful words. Erica Banas, writing for WROR described his now famous interview (or infamous, depending on your feelings about him). In Erica Banas words, it is obscene and dishonest that ABBA, Patti Smith, and Grandmaster are in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, but Ted Nugent isn’t. “Could it be the most disgusting and outrageous lie you’ve ever come across?” She asked.

Joe Walsh of the Eagles nailed it when he commented on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s decision while using unhinged words. “It isn’t spearheaded by the music love, but an ultra leftist CEO guided gang who don’t offer a dump about the music.

I won’t be carrying most of the people in it, but I showcase at the platform of the entire wonderful musicians including Kiss, ZZ Top, and Cheap Trick. It’s not that they aren’t qualified for the place, but it’s worth to get someone and stare at them face to face and trust when they state Ted Nugent shouldn’t be part of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.” They added.

Nugent doesn’t seem to mind the blowback. “I frequently revisit Classic Rock every moment in life since it has the fire, attitude and spirit,” and here he saved his best for last, “the middle finger.” That about captures how Nugent feels about his liberal critics. 

It really is a Free for All when Uncle Ted speaks. 

Biography of Shemane Deziel

Shemane Deziel was born in Michigan, the USA on 17th July 1962. She grew up in Jackson County, Missouri; however, she never shared information about her siblings, parents, or her growing years.

After completing high school education, Shemane joined Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan where she acquired Bachelor of Arts Degree in Radio / TV film. Having not been contented with the feat, she commenced Masters of Arts degree in Metaphysics. In 2000, she graduated in her degree from the University of Sedona, Arizona, United States.

Shemane Deziel worked for some time in a radio station, as part of newsroom officials. It’s the place she met the man who later finally became her husband. From the time she was 16 years; Shemane has consistently engaged and loved physical fitness activities. She is an experienced and certified fitness instructor.

Deziel has more than 40 years of experience training other people how to become physically fit and more so, how to enjoy healthful lifestyles. Shemane Nugent worked with Beto Perez, Zumba Creator, to grow some of their common fitness programs. She traveled across the globe as a Zumba fitness and Zumba Jammer instructor.

Her fitness session concentrates on making her learners fit through spinning, body pump, boxing, fitness, yoga, and kickboxing. Shemane Nugent has a blog and website where she shares knowledge, wisdom, and tips with her followers concerning how to live normal happy lives and how to stay healthy.

Celeb’s Facts and Profile of Shemane Deziel:

Shemane Deziel is a happy person who works her best to assist others to live a happy and healthy life. Despite experiencing some rough spots during her life, she utilizes all accessible means to train and advise others on how to overcome health challenges and sadness.

Shemane & Ted’s Marriage and Family

While operating as part of a news team staff of Detroit’s WLLZ-FM radio station, Deziel and Ted Nugent met . He was the guest of the and  current husband of Deziel. Later on, they began dating, and Ted proposed to her as their relationship became more serious.

Finally, on January 21, 1989, they got married, and the duo has been in a marriage for more than 30 years. The couple is blessed with two kids Rocco Winchester, a son, and daughter. Deziel’s husband is a songwriter, musician and a member of the board at the National Rifle Association in America.

Her husband is the devotee of the Republican Party and loves hunting and love guns. Deziel also found copying some of her husband’s hobbies, particularly guns and hunting. She shares her life experiences in her books and blogs.

As an Author

To date, She has written three books which she published. Besides, she shares information regarding her books on her website and blog. The books are:

  • Kill it & Grill it – her husband adores hunting, and she cooks the game
  • Married to a Rock Star
  • 4 Minutes a Day, Rock ‘N’ Rolling Your Way to Happiness

The last copy that she released on Amazon turned into a national bestseller.

Shemane Deziel Net Worth

By 2018, reports indicated her individual net worth stands at around $400,000. However Shemane is married to Ted Nugent, which means she is entitled to half of his fortune that has been estimated to be somewhere in the range of $20,000,000. We estimate her true net-worth being somewhere in the range of $10.5 million depending on Shemane and Ted’s prenuptial agreement. The aforementioned reports are an approximation from her projected revenues that she gets from fitness classes and instruction programs. She also earns from her career as an author and a fitness instructor, not to mention she is the bestselling author and television producer.

Shemane Deziel Nugent has been the co-host and co-producer of the award-winning TV show – Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild since 1990. The first copy “Kill It and Grill It” trades at $22.99 per unit while the second “Married to a Rock Star” trades at $43.89 on Amazon. While the recent copy and bestselling book trades hardcover at $27.63, paperback sells at $19.44.

Like we mentioned earlier she stacks her riches from her husband’s wealth. As per 2019 reports, Ted Nugent’s wealth stood at $20 million.

Shemane Deziel Near-Death Experience

She faced death with her eyes when she was diagnosed with Pre-Emphysema. It’s a deadly lung condition where oxygen doesn’t reach the bloodstream and usually leads to death. The couple discovered a deadly mold growing inside the walls of their home.

Even worse, the HVAC system consistently circulated it. During the time she fell sick, her bloodstream was contained the deadly mold colonies.

Shemane Deziel Volunteer Work

Shemane profoundly involves volunteer work that focuses on military veterans who return from war. Through the organization ‘Operation Finally Home’ she offers support whereby the heroes get mortgage-free homes. She joined hands with ‘K9’s For Warriors,’ a group that helps military members heal from the post-traumatic stress disorder. Victims also benefit from shelter dogs.

Shemane Deziel Achievements & Efforts

Over her career, Deziel has won various awards. An example is the International Zumba Fitness Presenter. She was also honored to have been referred to as Detroit’s Most Physical Female.

She has appeared on various national TV shows including C-Span, FOX, CMT, Discovery, MTV, and Vh1. The couple own Sunrize; a 300-acre land which they utilize as a part-time residence and safari hunting.

Since 1980, she has been a fitness trainer and appeared severally on MTV, Vh1, Discovery, FOX News, CMT, Entertainment Tonight, C-Span, the Outdoor Channel, and MSNBC among other radio stations.

After discovering toxic mold on her MTV Cribs home that almost killed her, Shemane Deziel committed to saving his life and family through optional remedies. She took a year to recover, and that’s when she joined hands with Zumba to form Zumba in the Circuit.

She is on God’s Mission to Inspire

She adds she is on God’s mission to inspire and educate other people to live happier and healthier. She uses different platforms and channels, including TV shows, writing, documentaries, and social media.

Deziel takes life easier and does everything possible to live a lovely life. Take chocolate regularly and play with dogs as much as you can. There’s no need to get bored! According to her, she works for God, and she does all things for Him. She adds that she has hope, faith, and operates with various charities.

She gives a good example of going through fire and coming out stronger! That’s when she suffered from a deadly mold. She got sick of life-threatening disease, but she survived. Deziel insists she is not perfect, but she manages to upgrade her business and life continually.

She adores in assisting individuals make life-changing changes. You can email her at [email protected] to fist-bump your soul when you retire to bed.

Rev. Shemane Deziel, M.Msc.

A healthy living ambassador, Shemane Deziel, has been a team fitness coach for over 30 years. The award-winning TV producer & host and best-selling author has something for you. Her talents have pushed her visions to an extent of becoming a motivational speaker, filmmaker, and passionate concerning assisting individuals in making a positive effect on their overall well-being and health.

She got a chance to severely portray her skills and vision to help other people through a couple of radio shows and national TV shows. Her spiritual voyage started after the aforementioned sudden illness. She believes it’s miraculous to get healed via option remedies such as infrared sauna, oxygen, and meditation!

Part of the objectives of acquiring a Master’s degree in Metaphysics is to get healed from what she went through but also to comprehend the effect of physiological experiences on the body. To read the details of Shemane Deziel journey, get her latest book copy, which she launched on Amazon and turned out to be a bestseller.

She divinely wrote the book in three days, to share her journey from illness to wellness, sadness to happiness and additionally to be of service. By sharing the shocking tragedies of losing her home and becoming critically ill, Shemane Deziel realized she could prevent others from suffering similar heartbreaks.

From a person who could barely walk, Shemane Deziel recovered and turned out to be a global Zumba fitness presenter. Since then, her mission has been to share her passion for healthy living.

Shemane Deziel Likes Sharing Honest

You can get her daily Periscope broadcasts and weekly blog updates at Shemane Deziel likes sharing honest opinions concerning her faith, family, spirituality, healthy living, fitness, and her 30-year-old marriage to Ted Nugent. Besides being a screenwriter, she believes part of her greatest accomplishments is a good mother to her children and a good wife to her husband.

She has neither disclosed much information concerning her parents nor about her siblings. She is 57-years old and married to Ted Nugent. Her husband is an American songwriter and musician and former rock band, Amboy Dukes, a lead guitarist.

She hasn’t disclosed her exact height, but it’s estimated to range from 5 to 6 inches. Shemane Deziel has had a versatile career where she has given services as a television personality, author and fitness instructor. But what she values most is sharing her life experiences to not only motivate but encourage others.

Shemane Deziel Instagram boosts about 28.5k followers, and you’ll find videos and pictures associated with fitness. She released her first book in April 2002, her second ‘biography’ in 2003 and she has launched her latest book where she shares about fitness and living well.

Deziel has appeared in a number of shows including Ted Nugent – Spirit of the Wild and Off Guard. She has also been at Anthony Bourdain – No Reservations show where she operated alongside the late chef Anthony Bourdain. The show featured icons like Mario Batali and David Chang.

Shemane unlimited commitment around veterans can’t be forgotten. After she got sick, four kinds of mold were found in the bloodstream. She was later diagnosed with pre-emphysema. It’s from that spot she started the journey of healing her family through natural and alternative remedies which she shares with her followers.

Shemane Fitness Programs

You can reach to Shemane fitness programs via her books, podcasts, and social media. Regardless of being a happy person, there’re a couple of times she went through hell! Deziel doesn’t hesitate to share techniques and tools that she utilized to transform her life and to pass via the occasional sadness.

She also comprehends what it feels to become unhealthy and unhappy. Shemane Deziel knows that when you spend a happy and healthy life, you easily overcome tribulations and trials. You also become the best part of YOU! You can summarize Deziel’s life using below bullet points.

  • BA in radio/TV/film
  • TV host & producer
  • Wife, mom, doggy mommy
  • MA in Metaphysics
  • Enneagram 2
  • Appearance on various channels: MTV, CMT, Vh1, Discovery, Outdoor Channel, FOX, among many

Shemane Deziel on Podcast:

Shemane Deziel shares a lot on the podcast to ensure her followers don’t miss any information! That’s from women’s empowerment, using your passion for making income and food sanity, to mention a few. On women empowerments, she highlights the significance of having friends that stand with you during difficult times!

She also reminds her follower women that the pleasing people around you can turn you back the very moment you need them. Through her shows, she hosts a number of influencers who train you on how to you can make money using your passion!

You learn tricks and tips, utilizing a number of platforms. The platforms enable you to get your message and communication to the world!  About Cycle Safe, Shemane Deziel explains something is disappointing and referred to it as sad news that she wanted her followers to know.

Food Sanity is Shemane Deziel’s Method

The breaking via the faction, fallacies, and fads when dealing with food. She believes you’ll enjoy the podcast that she prepares with Dr. Friedman. Deziel insists the podcast has a lot of suggestions and tips on how to keep away from pollutants and how to live healthier lives!

On the episode of whether you’re ready to change yourself, Ian Morgan Cron joins her. Ian is a best-selling author, Episcopal priest, psychotherapist, Enneagram teacher, and the host of the popular podcast – Typology. Ian is recognized for his inner workings and transparency into the human mind and heart.

He aids pioneers cultivating emotional wisdom and self-awareness. He is additionally a sought-after advisor and speaker to an increasing roster of clients. Shemane Deziel believes Ian has a lot to help you, particularly on the work he does and Enneagram. He’ll make you learn and understand the nine personalities and how they interact!

Shemane Deziel on Books:

She starts by saying; of late, she has been enjoying trying new things and taking classes from other people. But Deziel insists that whenever she finds something disgusting, she finds it worth sharing! In 2018, she was troubled by the unsafe practices after visiting Soul Safe. Shemane Deziel believes CycleBar is better than SoulCycle.

Kill It & Grill It

It’s a guide showing how to prepare and cook wild game and fish. In the book, Shemane Deziel and Ted Nugent share their best recipes, which include preparing meals from wild boar, venison, pheasant, and buffalo.

The due have filled cookbook with hunting anecdotes and detailed guidelines on dressing game and cleaning, nutritional information and helpful tips!

Married to a Rock Star

The book enlightens you about the behind the scenes occurrences when you’re married to a celebrity. Unlike other marriages of icons, the marriage of this duo has persevered. Partially, due to the challenges they duo managed to trounce along the way, their fondness towards each other has been strengthened and renewed.

The majority of people long for fame, but a few individuals accomplish it. Millions dream touring the world, surrounded by amazing fans and making vast amounts of cash. But the book proves otherwise – living a high life isn’t what you cracked!

Throughout their relationship, Shemane Deziel and her husband have heard to conquer the hardships that accompany the celebrity world! In the book, Deziel exhibits unique differences that celebrity couples face. More to learn are threats that endanger the bonds of icons!

4 Minutes a Day – Rock & Roll Your Way to Happiness

Most people contemplate it’s hard to live a healthy lifestyle. But that’s not the case! In Shemane Deziel newest book you’ll discover you only need 4 minutes a day to live healthier, happier, prosperous and life of your dreams!

Shemane believes it’s fun and easy to live a healthy lifestyle. The book portrays how you can rock and roll your way into happiness! Deziel describes it as risky to put her soul and heart, ideas, and inner-most thoughts on paper to be ready by the world!

But she is glad after taking the gamble; the world received it well. Shemane Deziel’s objective always has to help others live healthier and happier. She accomplishes that by telling her tale and sharing tricks and tips that she has learned during the 40 years as a fitness instructor.

Anytime we venture into susceptible position; we assume the information we share whether a new idea or project, will be criticized, condemned, or criticized. Our egos are fragile and delicate. It takes a strong backbone, thick skin, and the readiness to persevere in thriving when things get  tough!

It has taken over one year to put words into the paper. On the first sales-day, the duo hit #30 in the Happiness Amazon category! Shemane is glad she got the chance to positively change the lives of many!

But as Deziel would put it, it’s also slightly harder to measure the storm of self-doubt and occasional haters!

Shemane Nugent Wiki-Like Bio

Deziel was born in 1962, and she commemorates her birth date on 17 of July each year. She dearly loves her family and uses her quality time with them. Her dad attended nearly all of her upbringing activities. Her father erected a balance beam in their backyard to enable Deziel practice gymnastics.

There’s a time Shemane wanted to give up on swimming, but her dad inspired her to proceed since he saw capability in her. With commitment and hard work, Deziel turned out to be a state champion swimmer. She feels fortunate to have BFF grandmother, Nancy, and mother, Yvonne in her life.

Deziel terms the amazing family members to be her best friends. Her aptitudes as a producer and writer are well exhibited in various shows, including the following.

  • Off Guard, Anthony Bourdain – No Reservations
  • Ted Nugent – Spirit of the Wild

Deziel is a blogger, podcaster, author and a TV host with experience of more than 40 years as a fitness trainer.

Shemane Deziel Husband – Ted Nugent

Shemane got married to Ted Nugent on 21st January 1989. Ted Nugent is a guitarist from Detroit, Michigan. As a guitarist, his fame rose with the psychedelic rock band – The Amboy Dukes in 1960s. But in the ’70s Nugent went solo at the era which witnessed a series of hits including Free For All, Stranglehold, Wang Dang Sweet Poontang, Dog Eat Dog and perhaps his best song Cat Scratch Fever.

The guitarist is also a celebrated American hard-rock songwriter and singer. During his extended profession, the Motor City Madman has plunged in the criticism and controversy that always follow his pathway. Nugent’s detractors have condemned him due to his pro-gun advocacy and pro-right-wing beliefs. But his knack and Wildman persona made him one of the well-known rock icons in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s.

Shemane Deziel Arrested in Airport

In 2013, Shemane Nugent was arrested and detained at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport following the finding of a .38-caliber handgun in her handbag. But her lawyer was quick to justify his client’s failed verdict as an “honest mistake.”

While addressing the Dallas Morning News, her lawyer explained that Shemane Nugent, a 51-year-old by then had a concealed-carry license. He added that after his clients rushed to the airport, perhaps his client never knew there was a weapon in her handbag, or she had forgotten about it altogether. That’s despite the firearm being loaded!

Perhaps the lawyer’s statements were either right, or they lacked someone to validate. By the time of arrest, Shemane was married to her husband for 23 years. Her husband is a member of the National Rifle Association Board. At one time, her husband threatened to assassinate the former President of the USA, Barack Obama.

Ted Nugent swore by the coming year from then; he would be in jail or dead if Barack Obama were re-elected as President. Following Deziel’s gun misfortune, other people described a gun in a woman’s purse as equal to having a Xanax bottle for everyone.

Despite that, a Xanax bottle can’t shoot in the air; it could still be applied to commandeer an airplane and send its weaponless occupants into a fiery death. TMZ denies the rumor that Deziel began carrying a gun after receiving death threats. But it’s not deniable that she commenced carrying a firearm after getting married to a naughty rock-goon.

Who doesn’t Know Shemane Deziel’s Husband Wave?

Automatic weapons as someone would do with cartoony phalluses. It seems understandable that the two issues might be associated. But in every week and case, the Transportation Security Administration puts photos of recovered guns in handbags in their blog.

There’s a week they even confiscated 44 firearms in total and out of the total, 39 were loaded. One of those belonged to Deziel. But the Deziel’s firearm discovered on August 29 was later confirmed to have been loaded among others.

TMZ, TSA screeners X-ray monitor traced the Smith & Wesson .38 revolver, and after inspecting Deziel’s luggage, they detected that the gun was loaded with five ammunition rounds. In addition, there were 10 rounds on the handbag’s side pocket.

After the arrest, Shemane wasn’t able to detail those who threatened her with death and why.

Shemane Deziel Survived Toxic Mold

Shemane Deziel and her husband were side-lined by a harsh health crisis that damaged her home. The incidence was featured on MTV Cribs and their lives. It seems their house was gradually killing the duo!

Shemane has been coaching group fitness sessions since 1980 and was at one time named Detroit’s Most Physical Female. She is presumed to have been the health and fitness poster child, but she was plagued nearly daily with chronic fatigue and debilitating migraines.

When she couldn’t get sufficient air, she was scared. She knew something was wrong. Their son, Rocco, was sick with severe asthma, anemia, and constant allergies while her husband experienced symptoms similar to hers; fatigue, insomnia, and headaches.

Doctors told the due they were too busy. It was true, but they overlooked the blatant messages their bodies sent and chalked! Despite not seeing it, toxic mold had been growing between the dividers of their house. The air circulating in their house became the silent killer!

A toxicologist wrapped up that the duo had contracted four kinds of mold in their blood. Deziel was diagnosed with pre-emphysema. By taking his small prescription pad, the physician instructed the duo to move out of the house!

Shemane Deziel and her husband left their beloved residence that had a magnificent five-thousand-square-foot home standing grandly next to a lake with geese and ducks. The place also offers the duo with uncountable memories.

The duo deserted Ted’s guitar memorabilia, their son’s baby pictures, and moved out with just the clothes on their backs, and confiscated them. But as Deziel would narrate, things weren’t easy before toxicologist ordered them to move out!

Shemane used to toss and turn just like her husband. The duo never slept well. Deziel narrates that she hadn’t enjoyed a good night’s sleep in years and she was sure it was the same with Ted.

She usually woke up anxious and tired than rested. Frequently, she could fall asleep until the sun rose; to have the alarm woke her into consciousness. Deziel headaches turned out to be progressively worse. As a result, she was hospitalized different times per year.

Only one decade later she discovered that it their house that had entrapped something dangerous which caused migraines. The mold killed her entire family every time she laid her head on the pillow.

While they were going out to launch her latest book, Deziel explains how her heartbeat as it did aerobics. Her head felt as if it buzzed and spin. It was bizarre and Shemane Deziel didn’t think of anything related with their home’s health or environment. She thought they were overworking or too busy!

They were too busy to get a second opinion from a different doctor. The duo discussed the likelihood of slowing down on activities, but when? Ted will tell you in the music sector, there’s no job security!

After high records a decade ago, Ted was lucky to secure uncountable lucrative opportunities to play. Everyone is luck to make hay while the sun shines. Shemane Deziel was a fitness and health nut since she was a teenager. She was into various sports and have won numerous trophies, ribbons and medals. But the frequent migraines symbolized something bigger!

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