Boxers and athletes do not just use the speed bag to train their bodies for competitions, but an ordinary person can also use it for toning up his/her body and for weight loss. You can set up the speed bag in any part of your house as it does not require a lot of space. Even if you are new to speed bag workouts, you can get started instantaneously without any professional trainer.

Being a beginner, you do not have to worry about severe injuries because the speed bag is very lightweight compared to other punching bags. The heavy bags used by professional boxers are hard and filled with sand, so there are more chances of getting a grave injury if you are new to it.

A speed bag comes in a variety of sizes. Try to use a larger version of the speed bag if you are new to speed bag training because it can be difficult for a beginner to hit the smaller target accurately. If you directly choose a speed bag smaller in size, then it is highly likely that you will get frustrated after failing to hit it. It is critical to select a perfect size of the speed bag to develop rhythm and accuracy.

If you wish to become a speed bag hitting pro, then it is essential to follow a particular set of guidelines. Do not worry; we are here to guide you out. In this article, we have tried to gather all the important aspects of this workout that you should know. So, keep reading if you want to dig out more about this fun and addictive exercise.

Speed Bag Kit

Speed Bag Kit

To set up a speed bag, you will need a couple of things. You can order a speed bag kit online. It will most probably contain a speed bag stand, swivel, speed bag, jump rope, hand wraps, etc.

Hand wraps are a significant part of this workout because they can help prevent injuries to your skin and knuckles. It can be not easy at the beginning to wrap it properly on your hand, so it is recommended to get some help from your coach or gym trainer. Many people also like to use gloves for speed bag workouts. Everlast ever gels hand wraps are primarily used by boxers.

The right shoes are very important in a punching drill or any other kind of exercise. Try to invest your money in quality trainers or boxer shoes so that you are comfortable while training.

Buy a good quality and perfect size speed bag. If you are doing a workout at home, then hang it properly with a rope on your ceiling, doorway, or any other place of your choice. The famous brands known for the best quality speed bags include Everlast ever gel and Title boxing.

Exercising is fun when you have your favorite songs playing in the background. Try to gather your favorite songs and make a playlist out of them. This is the simplest way to enjoy your workout without getting exhausted. The songs can also motivate you further.

Double End Bag Workout

Double-end bag drills are different from that of the speed bag because they require a proper technique and are mainly used by boxers and MMA fighters. Unlike speed bags, you can miss punches in a double end workout because the primary purpose of it is to train you to use your energy where it is required only.

The professional athletes go through regular sessions of double end workouts so that they can understand when to block and throw punches on their opponent wisely. The double end bag moves with speed, so it can be difficult at times to hit the small target.

Wear gloves so that you do not end up with some kind of injury. You can adjust the cord tightness according to your speed. Make sure that you start slowly with small punches and then gradually move on to rigorous training.

While punching, the speed bag should always move in your direction. If it is not swinging in your direction, try to move it to come back to you after a punch. If you are new to the training, it is advised to slow it down a bit; otherwise, you might not punch it properly.

A double end bag training is considered more beneficial for professional boxers and MMA fighters as compared to a speed bag workout. You cannot adjust a speed bag after it is fixed, but you can move the double-end bag higher or lower according to your relief zone. You can also use the double end bag to learn how and when to boost your energy.

Many well-known brands manufacture double-end bags. The best ones include Ringside, contender fight sports, Title boxing, and RDX, etc.

Speed Bag Workout For Weight Loss

Speed bag workout for weight loss

Men usually are interested in speed bag workouts because it can help them develop a toned V-shaped shoulder and back. The women can also get a toned body after regular sessions of speed bag workouts.

The weight loss factor is essential in this type of workout, and the number of calories burned rests on the weight of the person. For example, if the person weighs around 68 kilograms, then he/she will be losing around 450 calories after a workout session of one hour. In contrast, a 90-kilogram person will burn around 600 calories.

How To Use A Speed Bag?

Don’t worry if you are just starting and have no idea about speed bag exercises. You will indeed have many queries regarding how to hit a speed bag and the best speed bag platform, etc. Here we have combined all the necessary information you need to know before going to the gym for a successful speed bag workout.

People might get confused between a heavy bag and a speed bag workout, but there is a difference between these two workouts.

If you have decided to do speed bag work at home, then you will have to order a speed bag kit, and if you are going to the gym, then most probably, they will have a speed bag set up already installed.

The next step is to stand in such a way that you can approach the speed bag stand square on-to. While punching a speed bag, you need to take care of the fact that you are at least an arm’s length away from it.

It is always easy to punch a speed bag when it is not very high or low and is present at your eye level. If the speed bag height is too high, then you might need to stand on a step so that your height matches with it; if it is too low, then make adjustments according to it. Mostly speed bag heavy bag stands can be adjusted according to the height of the person.

It might be frustrating and tiring initially, but it is important to remain consistent if you want to become the best speed bag hitting pro. Practice a lot so that you can build up your strength and muscles.

Benefits Of A Speed Bag

Speed bag workout is considered to be one of the most incredible ways to practice boxing. You can fix it anywhere in your house. It does not require a lot of space; for example, you can give 8-10 punches to your doorway speed bag while passing through it.

It is small compared to punching bags available in the market and requires minimal effort to get installed. You are not required to go to a gym for it because you can easily set it up at your home’s ceilings or doorways.

If we talk about the benefits and purpose of a speed bag, then, of course, it is a great way to exercise, but there are a lot of other advantages of a speed bag workout. The speed bag is a small target, so you need to concentrate more to hit it correctly. This way, you can improve your eye reflexes as you have to coordinate your hands with your eye movements.

The speed bag exercise is a great way to tone up your upper body as your arms and hands continuously move to hit the target. If you want to reduce your arm fat, it is a great workout to target this part.

The speed bag exercise can help you develop a rhythm in your upper limb movements. You will come to know when it is best to hit the bag or when is the time to hold back your power punches. The boxers do a speed bag workout so that they can increase their speed of hand movements. An increase in speed can help you develop better endurance. Speed training is essential for any athlete to defend themselves in any competition. They can perplex their competitor by delivering punches back and forth.

Even if you are not a sportsperson, you can still do a speed bag workout without any fear of injury. It is lighter than a heavy bag as it is filled with air. Heavy bag punching can lead to some injuries if you are not using any protective kit, but speed bag work is generally injury-free. You might end up with some minor bruises and redness that will fade out after some time.

Best Speed Bag Workouts

Best speed bag workouts

If you are a beginner at this type of workout, then it is recommended to start with some beginner drills. Warm-up before a session so that you can prepare yourself for some vigorous action. Start with a ten-minute warm-up routine, including straight punches, curl punches, and circle punches.

To develop endurance as a beginner, fix a flexible tap on your doorway and start punching it. It will give you the feeling as if you are punching a regular speed bag. It is the best way to know whether your muscles and body can endure speed bag workout sessions or not. If you are not enjoying it, then it is better not to invest your money in buying a speed bag.

You can start with arm circles. This is considered to be one of the best types of workouts as you are not specified to be a right-handed or a left-handed person. For arm circles, make sure that your hand and arm are directed forwards and upwards. Make a tight fist for a powerful downward punch. Switch arms whenever you feel tired and exhausted.

Next is the X-pattern movement of your hand and elbow. Stand in such a way that the speed bag is at your eye level. Make a tight fist and lift your arms and hands upwards. For creating an X-pattern of movement, you will need to punch first with the side of the hand and then from the back. Start slowly and then pick up the speed.

Now you can move on to backward hits, for which you will need only one fist at a time. Start by hitting the speed bag backward in such a way that it will move towards you. Make circular patterns repeatedly by punching the speed bag using your index finger.


A speed bag workout is a famous way to develop strength and endurance. It is very simple to set up a speed bag at your home because it is smaller than other punching bags. There are many benefits of it; for example, it does not require any complicated techniques and is excellent for weight loss.

Speed bag drills can help you tone up your shoulder and arm muscles. The best part about a speed bag is that it is almost injury-free. It is filled with air, so you can only get minor bruises on your skin. But it can be avoided if you take proper preventive measures such as wearing gloves or hand wraps and learning proper techniques.

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