Getting older isn’t easy. As you age, it’s natural to begin losing more and more mobility every year. This is simply an unavoidable part of life core exercises for older women.

That’s why it’s so important to remain as active as possible and to keep yourself fit. Many people fail to exercise as they grow older, which typically results in the deterioration of bones, joints, and muscle mass.

Simple and Core Exercises for Older Women

Here, we’ll a look at exercises for older women that can help you feel and look as young as possible regardless of age. Keep reading to discover 7 great cardio exercises for seniors that you’ll enjoy and that will help you live your best life.

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1. Wall Push-Ups

This is an ideal exercise for strengthening the upper body by focusing on your chest and arms without having to get down on the floor.

First, stand about two feet away from a wall and place your hands against the surface directly out from your shoulders. Keep your body as straight as possible as you lean forward, bending your elbows. When your head is close to the wall, go ahead and push yourself away.

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2. Tippy Toe Lifts

This is a great exercise for improving balance while strengthening your legs. Start by standing behind a chair or counter and placing your hands against the surface for support. Now push yourself up onto the tips of your toes as high as possible, hold for a beat, then return to the flat-foot position and repeat.

3. Head Turns

This is a simple exercise for increasing neck mobility. Start by sitting with your back straight and shoulders relaxed, and slowly turn your head until you feel a slight stretch in your neck. Hold that position for a beat, then slowly turn in the opposite direction.

4. Wall Snow Angels

This exercise is designed to decrease tightness in the middle of your back. Stand a few inches from a wall and place your head and lower back flat against it, then place your hands at your sides with palms out and backs against the wall, but don’t allow your arms to touch the wall. Now raise your hands as high as you can.

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5. Chair Squats

To perform chair squats, stand in front of a chair with your feet spread to the width of your hips, and bend your knees while keeping your chest and shoulders upright. Then lower your bottom to a sitting position, hold for a beat, then return to a standing position.

6. Rock the Boat

Stand with your feet spread the width of your hips, then transfer your weight to your left foot and slowly lift your right leg off the ground. Now switch legs and repeat.

7. Side Leg Raise

Stand behind a chair with your legs parted slightly. Now slowly lifts one leg to the side, keeping your back straight. Now switch legs and repeat the exercise several times.

Quick and Simple Exercises for Older Women

Staying in shape as you age doesn’t have to be complicated. Fortunately, this list of exercises for older women can help you stay active for many years to come.

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