The health and wellness industry is swamped with dieticians, trainers, influencers, lifestyle directors, and whatnot – in such a climate that is heavily influenced by multiple factors, it can get difficult to narrow down and choose an expert dietician for yourself. In addition to the diet industry being saturated by so many players, it can also be very confusing for individuals given the different types of diets that keep gaining popularity. Hence, in an area filled with so much uncertainty, it is more than important that you get in touch with a professional and experienced dietician, and listed below are four things you should consider before choosing a certified dietician:

Things to remember when choosing your dietician

1.  Identify your needs and requirements

Identify your needs and requirements

In order to choose a dietician, you must first be aware of your goals and needs from a specific diet program. You should identify your goals whether they be along the lines of losing weight, gaining weight, gaining muscle, gaining bodily strength, or simply leading a balanced life. By identifying what you are looking for, you would be able to narrow down dieticians that are specialized in your field and area.

2. Check for your dietician’s credentials

Check for your dietician’s credentials

Once you have narrowed down the dieticians that specialize in your area of interest, you should check for their credentials and other business identifiers. Whether they have a recognized degree, whether they are accredited dietetics, the number of customers, their reviews, etc. These credentials would ensure that your dietician actively practices and has a number of satisfied customers. You should also look for their business credentials – this doesn’t involve you analyzing their business card design and office furniture, but rather involves you checking for the legitimacy of their established office or centers.

3. Be aware of the differences between a dietician and a nutritionist

Be aware of the differences between a dietician and a nutritionist

While a nutritionist is an individual who is authorized to provide input and serve in the areas of public policy, research, public health, and nutrition, a dietician is qualified in other areas as well in addition to the ones that a nutritionist holds expertise in. Dieticians can also provide counseling in diet therapy, clinical nutrition, and food management. A dietician generally holds more expertise as compared to a nutritionist.

4. Talk to or listen to past customers

No one can tell you the truth about a dietician’s expertise and progress better than their previous clients and hence before choosing a dietician you should actively look for their reviews on online platforms. You could also speak to their clients and meet them if you are looking for a detailed insight into the dietician’s practice before choosing them for yourself. This would enable you to understand their work from multiple opinions and help you make an informed decision.

While choosing a dietician for your health and lifestyle journey, you should take great care and invest your time and money in a dietician who truly understands you. Every individual’s health journey is unique to them and to their life story and hence, your dietician should respect you in all contexts and appreciate your journey.

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