Whether to buy or rent a drone is really a question of PURPOSE. Whether you are interested in capturing aerial views of a special event or developing a lifelong hobby will help you decide whether to rent or purchase a drone.  

Drones are a modern innovation that has revolutionized military actions with their numerous security  applications and provided valuable services to industries such as aerial viewing for agriculture, large scale construction projects, security surveillance in various industries, and marketing photography for landscape views of properties and resorts.  

For example, you might  like to capture a stunning aerial view of a wedding, company, or community event. You might want to give your favorite a geek a fun gadget or gizmo as a gift. You might simply want to capture a view of the family farm as a family heirloom gift. Most people can’t afford the cost of a drone for single uses like special events. If you have loads of extra cash, a high tech hobby drone provides lots of thrills. However, like most people, if your budget is limited, it’s now possible to rent the latest high tech drone.

There are various companies that offer a wide array of  drone sales and rentals, and when it comes to deciding whether to buy or rent the drone, you should consider the pros and cons of both.

Drone Usage Considerations

If you are not a professional photographer who needs to use a drone frequently, you probably don’t need to buy it. If you’re a business owner who needs to frequently examine hard to reach properties or conduct surveillance for security, it might be worth your investment. 

Flying Your Own Drone Considerations

Flying the drone is a major issue when deciding whether to buy or rent the drone. If you decide to buy the drone, then you’ll obviously need to learn how to fly it and to comply with any regulations in your state.  Renting the drone for a special event, on the other hand, comes with a trained and licensed UAV pilot who knows what s/he’s doing. 

Licensing Considerations

As a hobby, flying a drone requires nothing but your fun in most states. In this case, buying a low tech hobby drone is a good choice for you. However, obtaining a license to operate a drone for commercial purposes can be a time consuming process. Drone rental companies have the required licenses and necessary paperwork for their equipment.

Cost Considerations

The cost of a drone depends completely on the technology attached. From military drones the size of a small airplane to the hobby drones you’ve seen in malls, the difference in cost is dramatic.  Unless you plan on indulging in drone racing or using the drone to make a living, the cost of a state of the art drone is probably out of the question for most people. Drone rental costs vary from company to company too, so some comparison shopping is definitely in order before you lay your cash on the counter.


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