While the New York and Paris runways showcase what’s coming next in fashion, the streets display not only the future–but what’s on-trend right now. So, if you’re looking to keep your wardrobe up-to-date, here are the top five fashion trends for this summer 2019.

Athleisure is a fashion trend that keeps giving, and its latest evolution is as surprising as it is stylish. Bike shorts, replacing a skirt, but worn with blazers and hot shoes, sandals, or boots is a comfortable choice for the fashion-forward woman. Offering a fresh blend of tailoring with sportswear, the look is both striking and surprisingly chic. Since there are many variations of this new trend such as business looking yoga pants and shoes are both functional and fashionable, it’s a trend we hope continues into 2020!

Boiler Suits, inspired by the utilitarian design of a one-piece protective garment for manual laborers, taylored boiler suits are now as fashionable as they are functional for work. To rock the look for yourself, just pick the cut and colour from the variety of that summer suits that await you.

Animal prints are hot this summer, so welcome to the jungle! With bold and wild prints to choose from, especially leopard, on garments from pants, jackets, shorts, skirts, and hand bags, your choices will be limited only by your imagination. To unleash your inner jungle cat, choose strong and striking designs with bold and bright colours. Conversely, find an all-over leopard print dress or jumpsuit.

Lavender is the MUST HAVE color this summer (if animal prints are too much for you)! Rocking a range of shades in the lavender family, the street proves that light violet is seriously stylish this year. Whether worn in the form of dresses, shorts, shawls, shoes, boots, or purses, this flattering colour looks good on almost anyone–thank goodness!

Puff shoulders are back! Proving once and for all that the “minimalist trend” is over, this summer will embrace generous lashings of fabulous fabric. This can mean bold ruffles and oversized silhouettes, and it also results in puff shoulders on both dresses and blouses. Just be sure to keep the rest of your look subdued, so you don’t appear over-the-top.

Add a bucket hat to your summer wardrobe to protect your skin and hair, and you’ll be ready to embrace your summer–in style!


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