Almost 80% of small businesses are confident they understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices, and most of them rely on in-house staff to create their search optimization  strategies. One thing we know for sure is that the number of small businesses that execute SEO strategies will increase significantly in 2019.

However, research shows that small businesses don’t actually understand how to conduct SEO as well as they believe. For example, “fewer than half of small businesses include local search optimization (45%) or on-site optimization (40%) in their SEO strategies. Small businesses that use an SEO agency include more services in their SEO strategies compared to those that rely on in-house staff. Half or more of small businesses that hire an SEO agency include content marketing (56%), on-site optimization (54%), keyword research (54%), and local search optimization (50%) as part of their SEO strategies.” 

It goes without saying that your goal, as a small business owner is to make your website reach the  top of the list when customers are seeking services. Here are the top five strategies for increasing organic traffic to your website in 2019:

Hot Trend #1: Optimize voice search. More and more customers are using voice activated software to search the internet, to keying into this function can increase traffic to your website. For example, voice searches tend to be more question based than traditional searches and include longer phrases, which leads to the next trend. 

Hot Trend #2: Focus on topic clusters rather than keywords. Google has improved algorithms by making them more sensitive to user intent. Therefore, considering the content likely to appear around specific keywords can significantly increase the effectiveness of your SEO plan. Knowing your target audience helps you choose content cluster words rather keywords that pack the most punch. 

Hot Trend #3: Consider YouTube SEO. For example, Youtuber doubled their traffic using the same content following their implementation of SEO with YouTube. If you’re not confident about how to do this, there are free how-to videos available on, surprise surprise, YouTube. 

Hot Trend #4: Use high quality backlinks in your posts. Adding multiple backlinks to a post  isn’t new in 2019, but remember, not all backlinks are created equal. The higher the quality of the links you add to your content that don’t include spam, etc., will increase the traffic to your website. Low quality links may actually decrease traffic. 

Hot Trend #5: Local SEO is equally important!  Almost half (46%) of all searches on Google are conducted by people looking for a local service including shops, store hours, phone numbers, and local map navigation. 

You’re sure to increase organic traffic to your website through these SEO strategies for 2019, and you can learn more about them by searching on-line for a SEO specialist who can help!