As far as medication is concerned in the treatment of Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID) and its primary symptoms, it remains a subject of debate. BIID is characterized by the obsessive compulsive thought of being an amputee or having a limb be amputated. In turn, some doctors have tried various medications for obsessive compulsive disorder. Studies that have been done with those suffering from BIID and taking these types of drugs have not seen any type of relief in the compulsive amputee thought pattern. In most studies concerning these drugs and these patients, the doses of drugs were kept at a fairly low level while patients who were typically given these medications for OCD were given a fairly high dose before it became effective. A study giving higher doses of these medications has not yet been done for those with BIID. Another medication that has been used is stimulants. Stimulants are typically given to those who suffer from ADHD. However one doctor has thought that BIID and ADHD are positively correlated. According to this UK Dr., treating the symptoms for ADHD will in turn improve the symptoms of the BIID. The study of Dr. First did not show any correlation but he also did not test for the presence of ADHD.

Although BIID is not considered a psychotic disorder, it may oftentimes be treated with a standard medication for a psychotic disorder. Second generation antipsychotics have been known to help with symptoms of OCD and major depressive disorder. Rhere has been at least one person that was suffering from BIID and had taken Risperidal who showed significant improvements in the desires for amputation. In turn, this patient reported having far less desire to be an amputee after being on this medication. Trying one or more medications from this classification could be beneficial.

Secondary symptoms of BIID can range from depression to OCD. Dr. First and his sample reported that if there was a secondary symptom to the BIID, it should be treated as such. If a patient suffers from depression, that particular mental disorder should be treated first and foremost on its own. Antidepressants and sometimes other antipsychotics are used alone or in conjunction with one another to correct the problem. Once a plan of attack is sorted out and everything is figured out, the quality of life of someone suffering from BIID may become better due to mood changes.


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