Urbanization is the phenomenon of the modern world where more and more people are settling in cities. As cities provide better education, health, and business facilities. Cities are more technologically advanced and can provide a better standard of living as in this age of globalization everyone is looking for ease of living. Urbanization has its own positives but it is also causing lots of problems.

One of the main issues related to urbanization is the increase in the number of vehicles due to which management of cities is becoming difficult day by day as traffic jams are becoming common. Mainly unregistered vehicles are becoming a challenge for city management authorities as they are unaware of the actual number of vehicles traveling throughout the city. It is the responsibility of citizens to register their CA number in order to avoid inconvenience as these vehicles not only cause trouble for others but for themselves as well.

Increasing Pollution

Urbanization Is Curse Of Modern World

Due to increase in industrialization more and more people are settling in cities due to which noise, air, and water pollution is increasing day by day. Due to the increase in the population of cities, the number of vehicles has also increased rapidly and due to their fuel-burning environments is suffering negative impacts.

Most of the industrial waste is disposed of in the freshwater resources in order to save some money due to which drinking water is being contaminated with the toxic materials which are causing harmful effects on health.

Increase in Cost of Living

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Due to high demand for land in urban areas price of land is increasing day by day and it is becoming hard for an average earner to afford housing in cities. Most of the people are living in flats and even slums as they cannot afford to live in houses due to which privacy of individuals is also threatened. As we can see in recent years the number of multi-story buildings has increased substantially as most of the land is used for industrial purposes and the number of migrations to cities is increasing rapidly.

Not only is housing prices an issue, but the general cost of living is also high in cities as supermarket culture is flourishing. Supermarkets sell products at higher costs than the local market because they have to earn more profit margins in order to maintain the luxury environment of the market.

Growing Unemployment and Crimes

Growing Unemployment and Crimes

As more and more people are moving to urban areas in search of jobs. The job market is becoming crowded and more competitive due to which the rate of employment is decreasing and unemployment is becoming common. In urban areas, the rate of education has increased substantially but opportunities are rare for new graduates as the job market is already occupied with experienced people and it is hard for new graduates to find jobs without experience.

Due to the issue of unemployment many highly educated students are forced to do trivial jobs with minimal pay so they can earn something. Even though urban economies are better than rural ones but due to technological advancements, the need for a workforce is decreasing day by day which is also becoming the main reason for lesser job opportunities in urban areas.

Due to lack of financial resources and high cost of living many young people are turning towards illegal means of earning. Drug selling and theft are quite common in urban areas these days as it is very difficult to catch criminals among a vast crowd of people living in small places and one can get easy money from it.


It seems like urbanization has caused a lot of problems and complications in society and there is a need to take practical steps to stop migration from rural areas to urban areas. Urbanization is not all bad it also has some positives as well as urban areas provide better health care and educational facilities. Cities also provide unlimited recreational options as well which can help in relieving mental stress.

To sum up the debate we can say that even though urbanization is causing environmental and social problems, these problems can be solved with the help of a better management system. There is a need to develop better plans for housing and traffic systems in order to make urban life more convenient.

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