It seems like the cannabis wellness trend is picking up steam and creating more jobs. A recent survey found that about 321,000 Americans work in the US cannabis industry.

But, the increase in CBD use isn’t the only change in the wellness industry! There are a ton of changes developing as we learn more about keeping the body healthy.

We put together a quick guide with the top 4 changes in the wellness and health industry you should pay attention to. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the current wellness and CBD industries.

1. We Still Use Wellness Supplements

Choosing supplements

Though people started taking wellness supplements more often, these aren’t your grandmother’s vitamins anymore! Many Americans tailor their vitamin intake to supplement their diet but in a more in-depth way. Testing reveals what nutrients a person needs and supplements help fill the gaps.

2. Natural Products Are on the Cutting Edge

One of the most helpful trends in the CBD industry is the desire for more natural products and experiences. It seems like everyone keeps turning to holistic remedies like cannabis these days. They no longer trust the pills that big pharmaceutical companies push on them.

It’s important to know that some THC and CBD products are synthetic and don’t come from the cannabis plant. These aren’t natural or organic products and shouldn’t get labeled as such.

Medicinal Properties Of CBD You Must Be Aware Of

3. Social Media Advertising Is Key

In today’s tech age, social media is one of the most effective means of advertising new wellness products and services. To give your business a boost, work on improving rankings for CBD searches so you can reach more people. Check out this blog article for more information about CBD SEO.

Stay active on as many social media sites as possible and make sure to interact with your followers. Social media has a powerful audience that can make or break a business. Make sure that your social media presence works in your favor.

4. We Need More Flexible Supply Chains in the Wellness Industry

The last of the changes coming to the health and CBD industries is the need for more flexible supply chain options. To avoid a shortage as we saw with toilet paper during the early stages of the pandemic shutdowns, business owners should have many backup shipping options in place.

CBD oil vs tincture

Don’t Get High, Get Healthy With CBD

CBD is different than its cousin THC because it won’t give you the “high” feeling. That’s why so many people turn to CBD for their health and wellness needs.

Keep this article in mind if you work in the CBD and wellness industry. That way you can stay up on the latest trends and changes to the industry standards.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you learned everything you need to know about the changes in the wellness industry. For more informative articles about health, lifestyles, and more change out the rest of our blog today.

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